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October 2019

From an inter-community conflict, protesters and indigenes of Sangmelima, are now calling for the release of prisoners who originate from the South region. CNA correspondent said the demonstrators vowed to continue the campaign, adding that if Kamto is freed,

We all have something we're going through at some point in time, you might be fortunate to be amongst a crowd of people who do not judge you, nor question your every move but woe befalls you who turns the

That You Went Too Soon! Dear Ni Ben, You were the closest I ever got to the Muna family and legacy. Was there better access? We, my Nera brothers and I, all value each moment we spent with you during your visitations

We all have a reference group of people-a group of people who are in some way similar to us or have something in common with us, it could be our way of thinking, manner of talking, dress sense, etc. Within

Marriage is a journey of sweet and sour, salty and bitter. Marriage is never too good, marriage is not perfect, Marriage is based on the one thing in the universe that seeks the heart and does not lie and that

President Paul Biya on Monday October 7, 2019, made some changes at the level of Divisional and Subdivisional Civil Administration in Southern Cameroons, shortly after the Special Status was recommended as a form of administration in the restive regions. Going

By Simon D The so much talked about Major National Dialogue has come and gone. If there is one thing which most of us learned from it and are pondering over it, then it is the term " Special Status". Several

The international pressure to free the leader of Cameroon Rennaisance Movement, Maurice Kamto has been huge since his arrest in January 2019. The arrest of the former Justice Minister Delegate was seen by many actors as politically motivated and this

A post on his Facebook page on Friday evening, a few minutes after the Major National Dialogue, states that the resolutions of the dialogue have been noted and will be looked into. Mr. Biya makes it clear; the resolutions

A communique signed by the Secretary-general at the Presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, states that Paul Biya has decided to discontinue the case of 333 Anglophone detainees who committed minor crimes. This will have nothing to do with Sisiku Ayuktabe and