Culture And Lifestyle: Do Not Be Quick To Judge

We all have something we’re going through at some point in time, you might be fortunate to be amongst a crowd of people who do not judge you, nor question your every move but woe befalls you who turns the life of another person into something else just so you have a sense of humor in your trousers.

You never know what made someone to become the person they are, or act the way they do so edit your words carefully before you address them to just anyone.

You do not know how much hurt, that person had to be through to survive till this day, you do not know the number of times they were faced with a difficult situation but had no control of the situation.

You do not know the number of sleepless nights they have had, number of times they were out on the street with no place to lay their head, the number of times they waited for someone to just show care, or even how many times they felt disregarded with no voice to speak for them.

You have a huge problem if you have no respect for people’s conditions and that kind of negative character, could be a major reason for your setbacks, you can’t go anywhere with that type of attitude. So be kind, and have Courage.

No matter, what you are going through, just go down on your knees and pray and then leave like someone is watching you. You are unique, you are unstoppable, you have a purpose and you are just as worthy.

Mundi Laura
Relationship, Culture, and Lifestyle Editor, CNA
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