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Paul Biya Bows To Pressure, Frees Kamto, Keeps Sisiku

The international pressure to free the leader of Cameroon Rennaisance Movement, Maurice Kamto has been huge since his arrest in January 2019. The arrest of the former Justice Minister Delegate was seen by many actors as politically motivated and this brought Etoudi almost on its knees especially the unprecedented protest in Geneva on June 29, 2019. However the intensity of the pressure, Paul Biya chooses an appropriate time, after the Major National Dialogue to make the decision.

In Cameroon, Paul Biya decides every political life of citizens. He decides when you need to go to jail and when you will be released. President Biya is the master of the game. He orders your arrest and orders your release and all glory goes back to him.

I have ordered the discontinuance of proceedings pending before Military Tribunals against some officials and militants of political parties in particular the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM).

This simple Facebook post followed by a release from the Secretary-general at the Presidency of Cameroon healed every wound of the MRC supporters.

Kamto’s arrest attracted international attention and even took a tribal dimension as many who hailed from the West region opined that it was witch-hunting. The UN, AU and other international bodies have asked for the release of the man who negotiated to free Bakassi from Nigeria.

Before releasing Kamto, President Biya ordered the discontinuance of 333 cases of some Anglophone detainees arrested for misdemeanors. Ambazonia Separatist leaders, Sisiku Ayuktabe and others are still in jail.

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