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Lifestyle And Culture: The Essence of Appreciating Those in your Life-Mundi’s Take

We all have a reference group of people-a group of people who are in some way similar to us or have something in common with us, it could be our way of thinking, manner of talking, dress sense, etc. Within these sets of persons, there will always be people who are meant to build you, some to break you, and some to just sit back and have a front seat to watch you go wrong. You need to understand that not everybody is your friend, it doesn’t matter how real they make it seem, so build your circle wisely and be careful about who you let into your life.

Many times, there are always people in our lives, people who genuinely care and to whom we matter very much but we hold them with very little regard.

To a more serious extent, we treat them as we please because we know they are always going to be there no matter what and do not stop even for once to consider their own feelings, one day, those who care for you will walk out of your life for good and not even regret leaving because you gave them no reason to want to stay.

Let it not be too late before you realize who that person(those people) is/are.
one who cares for you:
• Will spend a long time waiting for you to realize where you’re going wrong but someone who doesn’t care at all will have no problem cutting off ties with you
• They will make you see reason,
•. They will not give up on you when you are in bad times
•. They are always willing to support you but you hardly even notice

Once they leave you, even though they spent a long time hoping you’ll come back, it will be an even more long wait for you if you realize their worth when you’ve lost them. Don’t let things get out of hand! sit back and know “who is what” in your life, only then will you be able to appreciate people more.

Mundi Laura – Relationship, Societal, and Lifestyle Editor , CNA
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