October 2018

By NFOR Hanson Nchanji LEBIALEM, South West- Friday October 5, 2018-8:30 AM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) The atmosphere in Mbelenka is tense, majority of the population have fled into bushes, while Soldiers and fake "freedom fighters" feed fat on their

DOUALA, Cameroun-Thursday October 4, 2018-3PM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) The National President of Cameroon People's Party,CPP, Edith Kah Walla has urged electorates to vote any other opposition party leader, except incumbent, Paul Biya, come October 7. In an outing

By NFOR Hanson Nchanji The US Congress has called on the Cameroun government to release Sisiku Ayuktabe and 46 other persons arrested in Nigeria and repatriated to Cameoun. The Congress has also urged the Government to release all detainees arrested within