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American Missionary Charles Was Killed By Soldier-Family

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji

Tuesday October 30, 2018-7 PM Local Time( Cameroon News Agency)- The Family of America Missionary, Charles Truman Wesco, murdered in Bambili, North West region has said their father, husband and brother was shot by a soldier, Reuters has reported.

Reuters reports that, “The U.S. State Department confirmed on Tuesday that an American citizen had been killed in Cameroon and said it was offering all appropriate consular assistance to the family, but provided no further details about the person.”

The family  member Williams,  said the American missionary was traveling in a vehicle with his wife, one of his children and another missionary, heading toward the town of Bamenda, when a soldier shot him several times in the head.”

But the family was unsure  if the soldier was with the country’s military or the separatists.

According to Reuters, Wesco, who lived in Warsaw, Indiana, and belonged to a local Baptist church there, had been a piano tuner before becoming a missionary, Williams said. He is survived by eight children, she said.

The Wesco family had originally planned to move to Cameroon in August but had delayed their mission because of the unrest, she said. “They were aware of the danger,” she said.


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