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November 2019

This reflection is inspired by President Biya's thought-provoking Declaration at the just ended Paris Peace Talks that the majority francophone leadership in Cameroon tried unsuccessfully and for years to assimilate Anglophones but found it difficult because of identity differences It

The National Chairman of the Social Democratic Front party, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has overridden a decision earlier taken by his first national Vice President, Hon. Joshua Osih, which announced SDF's boycott in the February 9, 2020 twin polls.

One gendarme Officer has been beheaded by Separatists fighters in Widikum subdivision in Momo Division, North West region on Monday, November 11, 2019. They attacked the soldiers who were on guard at the Divisional officer's residence. A 2015 batch of

I hope very strongly that Ambazonia when she receives these prophetic songs, will, at last, accept the fact that God is indeed the Commander-in-Chief of the struggle for homeland restoration. If we truly accept this, then it will also be

A condolence visit transformed into a political rally? Professor Maurice Kamto was received by an excited crowd n Gouache, Bafoussam 3 in the Werst region. The leader of the opposition MRC party, was in Bafoussam to pay a condolence visit

Local Community Development Association , LCDA, has benefitted from a 5-day training organized by the Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) of the United Nations. The CFS 46 Committee which took place in Rome, Italy from 14 to 18 October

Paul Biya Mbi Mvondo has been the President of the United Republic and the Republic of Cameroon for 37 years. He is the second President Cameroon has ever had. He was never elected before ascending into power, he was a

The Turkey-based medical company is specialized in the sales of orthopedic products, wound care products, cochlear implant devices, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitoring devices for diabetes patients, dialysis machine, respiratory products, walking and mobility products, urology products, and mother-baby

The Muslim Scholar who was arrested on September 25, 2019, in Yaounde, was released on November 1. Abdulkarim spent more than 36 days at the dreaded Yaounde detention facility at the Defense State Secretariat. News of his release was received with

If Trump's request is granted, Cameroon will from the day of approval of this request have to pay customs duties on all her exports to the United States. Commands from the chocolate and coffee giants like fast-food chains will