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Viban Jude Unveils Attractive Manifesto For CAMASEJ Top Position

The Elective General Assembly for members of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists, CAMASEJ, will take place in Douala this Saturday, November 30, 2019. One of the Presidential candidates who is the current President of Yaounde Chapter and former President of Association of Student Journalists, University of Buea, Viban Jude, has unveiled his manifesto described by his supporters as the winning project. Popular opinion from the six chapters holds that he will have a sweeping victory come Saturday.

Viban Jude: My Manifesto

Dear colleagues,

On 30 November 2019, we will elect the National Bureau of the Cameroon Association of English Speaking Journalists (CAMASEJ). I am running for the office of President. With your support, together we will resurrect the association and take it to an enviable level.
It is time to pick “A New Angle ”. Hinged on advocacy, defending the rights of journalists, training, welfare and career development of our members. We have a list of journalists from the public, private and freelance spheres, of poles-apart views, of women and men from all chapters and of diverse origins.

    As President, my team will organize ANNUAL CONVENTIONS. The platform will bring English-speaking journalists together. Together we will chart ways of improving the practice, protecting and promoting the Anglo-Saxon style and personal coaching.
    EXCELLENCE AWARDS and SPORTING ACTIVITIES will spice the annual conventions. The host chapter will organize the event; bankrolled by the National Bureau.

Each Chapter will benefit from a CONFERENCE WORKSHOP annually. Chapters will determine the content per their needs and interests.
CAMASEJ National under my leadership will order full or part scholarships to members. An accepted board will determine the winners.
As part of our effort to raise the bar of the practice, there will be an Annual Excellence Awards, Special Honours and Hall of Fame Induction. A solid journalist cannot tell or write a story from jail and should not shelve a good story because it is a passport to prison. Hence, UNDER OUR WATCH, OUR ASSOCIATION MUST REGAIN ITS TRADE UNION CHARACTER.


    My team will make CAMASEJ a member of a global network that advocates freedom of the press, access to information and defends the rights of journalists.
    We will collaborate with other journalism associations in Cameroon and abroad.
    CAMASEJ must obtain a vouching status at the national press card commission. No More English-speaking journalists without Press Cards
    CAMASEJ during my mandate will become a member of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), through this network, we will obtain INTERNATIONAL PRESS CARDS.
    We will create a regularly updated Website for the association, and social media handles and pages will be the icing.
    CAMASEJ during our mandate will organize National Press Dinners. Initiate and keep talking with stakeholders. One with parliamentarians, for example, will make lawmakers understand the need for an act on access to information in a democracy. Lobbying is a strong value that my team has. We will honestly lobby from government and international structures.
    We need a CAMASEJ Journal and annual reports (including independent auditors). We will make it possible.
    CAMASEJ is a big deal. Unfortunately, we have not benefited from our fame. Now is the time. We will hire a pair of marketers to help us professionally break-into the business world, on a percentage-payment arrangement.
    Most English-speaking journalists in the private sector have irregular or no salaries. I lead the list as a journalist who suffered working for the private sector for seven years; I understand the problems of most of our members. I am not coming from the office to ask for the office. We will open talks with media owners who do not pay and DO THE NECESSARY for journalists to be compensated duly.
    An Insurance Scheme is imminent. We will ease traveling and lodging for our members.
    Chapters are the roots of the association. In-office, we will keep touch with chapters. There will be an annual sport and cultural event, involving all the chapters, with rotatory hosting.
    Chapters will keep 70 % of membership dues and forward 30% to the National Executive. 50% of income from partners, funders and patrons will go the chapters.
    We will need to touch our Constitution so that under my leadership, we can achieve these objectives. We will introduce the post of Project Coordinator and liaison officer (the link between the chapters and the national executive). We will redefine membership and reorient the mission of CAMASEJ in order to keep pace with changes in the craft, art, and practice of Journalism.

A vote for our list is a vote for listening ears

A vote for our list is a vote for fairness

A vote for our list is a vote for a shield from arbitrary arrests

A vote for our list is a vote for better pay

A vote for our list is a vote for global opportunities.

See you in Douala!

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