December 2018

  The continues use of military solution instead of political solution in the ongoing Anglophone crisis has put Cameroon on its knees, the President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement, CRM, Professor Maurice Kamto who declared himself winner of the October 7

The Acting President of the “Federal Republic of Ambazonia”, former British colony, Southern Cameroon, Dr Samuel Sako, has said though the year 2018 has been hectic and challenging; collective efforts and determination to restore statehood has kept the people poised,

Ambazonia fighters in the North West and South West regions are giving Yaoundé sleepless nights but President Paul Biya has said it will not last for long. The Chief of the armed forces has strongly condemned their activities but failed

In the second place, there is no history where war has been formally declared and one party to the war, let alone the defending party, can qualify as a terrorist group. Crimes committed during war are either war crimes or

Just like the proposed wall along the US-Mexican border, by President Donald Trump, Ambazonia fighters in Bangolan had erected a walseparating Bangourain in the West region and Bangolan in the North West region.

By NFOR Hanson NCHANJI It remains unclear whether the boys who attacked two villages in Bangourain, Noun division in the West region,  were separatist fighters from Bambalang as claimed by a certain Lovertin, the commander. Three days after, no one has

Fellow Ambazonians, I am grieved and heartbroken by the senseless killing of General Ivo of the ADF. Ivo Mbah is a young man I personally admired for his bravery. Seeing images of his helpless wasted body littered all over the social

By NFOR Hanson NCHANJI A popular fighter and commander of the Ambazonia Defense Forces, ADF, fighting for what has been described as restoration of the state of Southern Cameroon, widely known as General Ivo, has been killed in Teke, Meme Division

About 25 female journalists in Cameroon have taken part in a four-day workshop on reporting in hostile environment in a context marked by the ongoing conflict in the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. The conference which opened on

Cameroon soldiers went on a burning spree in Mankon 6,7 and 8 , North West regional capital Friday December 14, 2018. They burnt houses and stores worth millions of francs cfa. The Big Stuff CyberCafe, located in Mankon, suffered greatest