September 2018

The Embassy of the United States of America in Yaounde, Cameroun, has cautioned US citizens against possible demonstrations from October 1 till when Presidential polls open, adding that the one year anniversary of demonstrations could be

By NFOR Hanson Nchanji Members of Médicines Sans Frontieres, MSF, an international Non Governmental Organization, are already in Bamenda to start administering treatment to war victims, victims of natural or man made disasters among others. Their coming is timely as many

Having lived for sixteen years in the economic capital city of Cameroon, Douala, I moved to Yaoundé, Cameroon’s political capital city in 2006 where I’ve spent the better part of my days. I seldom travel but only did if I

Gendarmes and Police have all deserted their duty posts since Thursday morning, September 27, 2018, in Balikumbat Subdivision, Ngoketundjia Division. Divisional Office , Balikumbat The Divisional Office, has been destroyed as well as Police Station. This comes few days after the lone

Yaoundé, 27 September 2018- United bank for Africa (UBA) and UNICEF today Thursday 27 September, 2018 have signed partnership for the promotion of children’s rights. This partnership is in line with the mission of both organizations. For UNICEF Cameroon, to work

Lagos, Nigeria, September 25, 2018: Tony O. Elumelu, CON, Founder, Tony Elumelu Foundation and Chairman, Heirs Holdings and the United Bank for Africa, joined world leaders at the United Nations Headquarters for the launch of Youth 2030: The United

The Governor of the North West region says the Soldier who videotaped students(young boys) of Sacred Heart College Mankon, dancing in an immoral manner has been identified, apprehended and will be sanctioned. Adolphe Lele L'Afrique describes the scene as , "

By NFOR Hanson Nchanji Seven men have been shot dead allegedly by Soldiers, around Ikundi Street in Babuti neighborhood , near the old Buea Council building, South West region. There is consternation, shock and bewilderment around the area as locals pick the

Soldiers have just set houses on fire now in Weh, Menchum Division in the North West region. Popular Hotel and Snack Bar, Fongcam International, was the first to go down in flames. The hotel which belongs to a certain Fang,

Security forces have launched a manhunt in Wum, Ukwa, Weh , Esu and neighboring villages, in Menchum Division in the North West region, after 82 inmates at the Wum prison escaped last night. A ladder used by the fighters to gain