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November 2019

The Turkey-based medical company is specialized in the sales of orthopedic products, wound care products, cochlear implant devices, blood pressure monitors, blood glucose monitoring devices for diabetes patients, dialysis machine, respiratory products, walking and mobility products, urology products, and mother-baby

The Muslim Scholar who was arrested on September 25, 2019, in Yaounde, was released on November 1. Abdulkarim spent more than 36 days at the dreaded Yaounde detention facility at the Defense State Secretariat. News of his release was received with

If Trump's request is granted, Cameroon will from the day of approval of this request have to pay customs duties on all her exports to the United States. Commands from the chocolate and coffee giants like fast-food chains will

The Keynote address at the Invest for Growth in Africa Conference French Ministry of Finance and Economy Paris, France) (October 30, 2019) Good afternoon all; Monsieur Lemaire, French Minister for Economy and Finance Monsieur Gillard, The Chairman of France Invest and the organisers of this event Monsieur Schricke, Chairman, France Invest’s Africa

The United States President, Donald Trump has written to the Congress, informing the house of his intent to suspend Cameroon as a beneficiary sub-Saharan African country, from the African Growth and Opportunity Act (AGOA). The US President cited gross violations

EXCERPTS "The Call to be a journalist is so strong, that despite the risks we face, despite the knowledge that it could get us imprisoned or killed, we still cannot help ourselves. We can still report the news as it is, go

At least 37 corpses have been retrieved from the Gouache landslide in, Bafoussam 3 subdivision. The corpses have been deposited at the west regional hospital mortuary, CNA has learned. A meeting has been jointly convened at the West regional

The death toll has risen from an initial 15 declared in the early hours of Tuesday to at least more than two dozens dead in a landslide on Monday night breaking Tuesday, October 29 in Bafoussam 3 subdivision in the

A landslide on Monday night breaking Tuesday October 29 in Bafoussam 3 subdivision in the West region is reported to have claimed at least 15 lives, according to security sources. Dozens of houses have been destroyed and the search for survivors

According to the decentralization law of 2004, in article 70 of law n° 2004/018 of July 22, 2004, in the event of the death, resignation or dismissal of the mayor or deputy mayor, the municipal council is convened to