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Jubilant Crowd Welcomes Kamto In Bafoussam

A condolence visit transformed into a political rally? Professor Maurice Kamto was received by an excited crowd n Gouache, Bafoussam 3 in the Werst region. The leader of the opposition MRC party, was in Bafoussam to pay a condolence visit to victims of the recent landslide which claimed the lives of dozens. This was the first time in almost one year and the first time the people of the region were meeting him after his arrest in January 2019.

Last week, dozens of victims were retrieved from the rubbles and mud after a landslide. An inter-ministerial meeting has taken place as the ministries concerned with territorial administration, housing, and town planning have been meeting with the victims and their families to solve the immediate problem of evacuation and follow up.

President Paul Biya supported the victims with the um of FCFA 200 million.

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