September 2019

By Fon Vera Douala-September 30, 2019 ( Cameroon News Agency) A young Human Rights and Peace campaigner, Nche Tala of the Africa Science Diplomacy and Policy Network, ASDPN, has once again defied death threats and gone vocal at the UN

If history has made us heirs to two official languages, English and French, we should use them as a source of opportunity and not as a source to undermine our living together, we should make them levers of our

Did the President of the Centre for Human Rights and Democracy in Africa, CHRDA, Barrister Agbor Felix Nkongho, make contradictory statements after his visit to the Prime Ministry? An interview granted the Press on the form of the State is

One of Cameroon’s long-awaited and finest movies, “Saving Mbango” that depicts the passionate interest of most Cameroonians in the film industry is set for release. “Saving Mbango”, a maiden production from EMBI productions, is produced by Stephanie Tum and directed by

The Africa Regional Director of the US-based National Democratic Institute, NDI, Dr. Christopher Fomunyoh, has said for the National Dialogue to reflect its name and aspirations of the people, the form of the state should be debated during deliberations. He regretted

Family members have not set eyes on the Civil Rights Activist since Wednesday, September 25, 2019, since he left for Yaounde. Mr. Karim who was interviewed the previous day on Equinoxe Television before his disappearance had rubbished the National Dialogue and

The Cameroon People's Party has sent to the Prime Minister, it's views, concerns, concerns, and proposals ahead of the National Dialogue. In a press release signed by the Secretary-General, Franck Essi, the party has reiterated that the content must be

Common-Law candidates who took part in the entrance examination into ENAM have said they have been sidelined during the second phase of admission. In a letter written to President Paul Biya, they noted that though he had instructed that more

The National Chairman of Cameroon's first opposition political party under the Biya regime, SDF, Ni John Fru Ndi has called on Separatists to embrace the dialogue called up by President Paul Biya and give peace a chance. Chairman, John Fru Ndi

By NGOMBET Claudia This is what Dr. Nick Ngwanyam proposes as the meat and substance of the National Dialogue to solve the Anglophone problem in line with Decentralization message of the Head of State President Paul Biya. He continues to advocate for