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CPP Says National Dialogue Must-Have Content of Calibre

The Cameroon People’s Party has sent to the Prime Minister, it’s views, concerns, concerns, and proposals ahead of the National Dialogue. In a press release signed by the Secretary-General, Franck Essi, the party has reiterated that the content must be that of a real national dialogue, truthful and inclusive.

Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Press release

The Cameroon People’s Party informs the national and international public that it has sent to the Prime Minister’s Office, physically and electronically, a summary copy of its views, concerns, and proposals to solve the many crises in Cameroon.

These analyses and proposals are not new. They have been presented regularly for years now without any significant change in the attitude and public policies implemented by the various governments of Mr. Paul Biya.

The documents submitted are sufficiently explicit not to require a delegation of the CPP to go to the Prime Minister’s office following an informal invitation through social networks to the pre-consultations for the “Great National Dialogue”.

For all intents and purposes, these views, concerns and proposals relate to the following elements:

▶ The diagnosis of the country’s situation and the key issues that we have to deal with.

▶ The systemic and sustainable solutions proposed to emerge from several decades of crises; systemic and sustainable solutions that can be summed up in our proposal for a political transition to rebuild the state in Cameroon.

▶ De-escalation measures that can facilitate a real national dialogue.

▶ The content of a real national dialogue.

▶ The spirit in which a true national dialogue should take place.

▶ The modalities of a good preparation of a real national dialogue.

▶ Participants in a dialogue that is meant to be true and inclusive.

▶ Ways and means for the active participation of the Cameroonian populations to a real national dialogue.

▶ Facilitation and facilitators of a true national dialogue.

▶ The guarantees of the implementation of the resolutions in a real national dialogue.

The CPP, with its partners from Stand Up For Cameroon and the Citizen Front, is deeply convinced that no bad consultation will be able to put an end to the deep and unprecedented crises that our country is currently facing.

The CPP reaffirms the need for progressive forces with convergent views to build a common action to uphold the supreme interests of the Cameroonian people.

The CPP will continue to defend without fail the values ​​and principles whose respect will one day make Cameroon, our dear and beautiful country, a truly United Country, Democratic, Fair and Prosperous.

              Franck Essi
         Secretary General
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