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June 2017

Yaounde,Cameroon June 2017 (Cameroon News Agency)Hundreds of teachers who took part in the marking exercise of the First School Leaving Certificate examinations at the Central Primary school marking center are threatening to go on rampage over unpaid marking dues, CNA

By Christopher Chigozie Tiko,Cameroon June 20,2017 (Cameroon News Agency)High tension cable has killed one person and left seven others in critical condition in Mafanja, a locality in Tiko subdivision in the southwest region. Local media in the community reports that the incident occurred

Investigations have been launched to determine whether or not FIFA President Gianni Infantino interfered in the elections at CAF which saw the election of Ahmad Ahmad . He is being investigated by the Ethics Committee. There are allegations he played a key

Douala,Cameroon June 20,2017 (Cameroon News Agency) Cameroonian Makossa icon Liza T has died, family sources have confirmed she died early Tuesday June 20,2017. She had been suffering from prolong illness,an illness which saw many persons offering help after she was practically

By NFOR Hanson NCHANJI and Christopher Chigozie Douala,Cameroon June 19, 2017(Cameroon News Agency)There have been some major changes at the south west and North West regional stations of Mediafrique, an affiliate of the ACMAR Media group, Frida Leyina Voma was appointed

Douala, Cameroon June 19,2017 (Cameroon News Agency) One person has died and 35 others injured in a road accident which occurred at the weekend along the Edea-Puma highway, local hospital officials have confirmed. The accident occurred in the evening of Saturday as

South American champion Chile beat their African counterparts 2-0 Sunday in the opening group B game in the ongoing Confederation cup in Russia.  After two goals had been denied both teams in the first half, the first which was scored by

By Simon Kalla Limbe, Cameroon June 18 2017 (Cameroon News Agency) The project to construct a new council building to host the services of Limbe 1 council to boost development of the municipality is on course, council officials have disclosed. The Mayor

  By Elias Ntungwe Ngalame IDENAU, Cameroon, June 18, 2017(Cameroon News Agency) - Julianna Senze, 40, had been in heavy labour for eight hours when she arrived at the Idenau Health Centre in Limbe, on the southwest coast of Cameroon. Like many women

Douala,Cameroon According to the Old Farmers Almanac which saw the light of day in 1792, the first known Father’s Day service occurred at the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South in Fairmont, West Virginia, on July 5, 1908, thanks to the