October 2019

Kicking off the partnership between the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to empower 100,000 young African entrepreneurs, the Tony Elumelu Foundation has announced the selection of 5,240 young African entrepreneurs, from over 81,000 applications

Over 12 women from different walks of life have benefitted from self-sustained training organized by the Local Community Development Association , LCDA. The event which took place in Odza, Messamedongo Yaounde recently was organized in collaboration with the Sisters of

The Local Community Development Association, LCDA, has put smiles on the faces of some 30 kids, pupils and students, all Internally Displaced Persons, in four schools in Santchou, West Region, by donating, some school items for the smooth take-off of

By Simon D The event which took place at the Plan International Child-Friendly Space Ndamukong Street was one amongst numerous others that took place in the various neighborhoods hosting Child-Friendly Spaces in Bamenda in observance of the International Day of the

Emmanuel Cheo Ngu, 39, and one other woman from Batibo whose name has not been gotten have died while attempting to cross over to the USA. They died when their boat capsized off the coast of Ignacio Allende. They were

From an inter-community conflict, protesters and indigenes of Sangmelima, are now calling for the release of prisoners who originate from the South region. CNA correspondent said the demonstrators vowed to continue the campaign, adding that if Kamto is freed,

We all have something we're going through at some point in time, you might be fortunate to be amongst a crowd of people who do not judge you, nor question your every move but woe befalls you who turns the

That You Went Too Soon! Dear Ni Ben, You were the closest I ever got to the Muna family and legacy. Was there better access? We, my Nera brothers and I, all value each moment we spent with you during your visitations

We all have a reference group of people-a group of people who are in some way similar to us or have something in common with us, it could be our way of thinking, manner of talking, dress sense, etc. Within

Marriage is a journey of sweet and sour, salty and bitter. Marriage is never too good, marriage is not perfect, Marriage is based on the one thing in the universe that seeks the heart and does not lie and that