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May 2017

Nigeria’s President Muhammadou Buhari has for the third time in a row missed cabinet meeting amid growing concerns over his health situation. Nigerians are concerned about the future of their leader and the country as a whole as it struggles to

Some Journalists in the South West region grouped under the South West chapter of National Union of Cameroon Journalists,SNJC have staged a protest in Buea demanding the unconditional release of colleagues arrested in February. The all dressed in black,carrying placards calling

Journalists in Cameroon have strongly condemned the law on anti terrorism which was enacted by Parliament and approved by President Paul Biya. This law which has been used on a journalist, Ahmed Abba for the first time since it went

Trade Unionists in Cameroon have all agreed that recent strike action undertaken by workers in Cameroon is because employers don’t give the chance for social dialogue to prevail. Retirement benefits in Cameroon are being delayed and beneficiaries on daily basis have

Leaders of the Ngondo and Sawa Pastors have signed a release dissociating themselves from all activities and communication with Eglise Evangelique du Cameroun. The release signed by 10 persons was read in all congregations in Douala Sunday April 30, 2017. [caption id="attachment_3838"