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Vocal Cameroonian Artist Tackles WHO

Richard Bona severely tackles the WHO that called Africa to order on the use of traditional remedies to fight the pandemic. The Cameroonian bassist rebels against this attitude of the World Health Organization, and stressed that traditional medicine is more than 2000 years old, unlike this organization which has only existed since 1948.

On Facebook Tuesday May 12, 2020, the famous Cameroonian bassist Richard Bona, posted an image of COVID-19 organics, product made from medicinal plants, and released from laboratories in Madagascar to fight the Coronavirus pandemic.

The artist based in the United States, welcomes this African initiative, indicating that there is no need to use the vaccine to cure COVID-19.

Richard Bona thus celebrates the prowess of traditional African medicine, in response as a wake-up call to the World Health Organization (WHO), towards African leaders, who according to him, favor traditional remedies without proven scientific tests.

“This traditional medicine is more than 2000 years old years … Your science is not even 3 centuries old. The WHO has existed since 1948 … Stop this arrogance very quickly”, he said.

Mr. Bona said Madagascar deserves more attention from the world than WHO taunts, not only because it is little David who succeeds in defeating Goliath, but also because it is an implacable truth. It is thanks to his COVID-Organics, the country has not yet registered a death.

“Instead of congratulating a poor country. No we would like to keep it in the present state of poverty … shame on you !!!! ”.

He concludes by calling on the African Union to come out of its accomplice silence to defend one of its members that finds itself back to the wall against a system which challenges its inventiveness.

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