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Kah Walla Describes Arrest Of Volunteers As Absurdity Of The Regime

The national President of Cameroon People’s Party, CPP, said in a tweet that absurdity of the regime has no limits.

On May 11, 2020, six volunteers from the humanitarian program Survie Cameroun Survival Cameroon (SCSI) were arrested by police elements while they were distributing anti-Covid-19 masks and hydroalcoholic gels to the populations at the Mokolo market in Yaoundé.

Presented on May 12 at the prosecution of the Yaoundé Administrative Center, they were surprised, according to Olivier Bibou Nissack, spokesperson for Maurice Kamto, to learn that they are accused of rebellion. An act condemned by the firebrand politician.

She announced on May 12, 2020, through her Twitter account, “The absurdity of the regime has no limits. Associations, political parties, churches, individuals … are distributing donations, without incident, for the good of Cameroonians. Why challenge some? A fierceness which is ridiculous which deprives the population ”, lambasted the coordinator of the Stand for Peace movement.

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