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How UB Senate Voted to Cancel All Exams Taken By Buea Mayor


BUEA, Cameroon-Monday April 9, 2018-8:10 PM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency) Members of the Senate in the University of Buea, the institutions highest decision taking body have voted to cancel all examinations taken by the Mayor of Buea, Patrick Ekema Esunge while in the institution. The decision taken Thursday April 5, 2018 has been sent to the Ministry of Higher Education for approval.

CNA gathered from a reliable source in UB, who decline revealing his/her name for fear of victimization, that after the Regional Secretary for Human Rights in the South West, Christopher Tambe Tiku, brought startling revelation about the alleged fake certificates of Patrick Ekema, it just fell within a project initiated by the University of Buea which was in the process of investigating certificates of staff, especially support staff.

Reports say a team was set up to find out the veracity of the documents brought by Tambe Tiku. During investigation, the team discovered that the Mayor as revealed by Christopher Tambe Tiku has just E grade in History but got admission into the University of Buea at the time. The Senate revealed Thursday that he later took several A/L exams but failed. However the Senate says the team discovered that the Mayor later obtained a C grade in French, what he used to enter into UB including gthe E he had.

CNA source said the Senate went to verify the authenticity of the French grade but could not find any at the GCE Board, the Mayor was then invited to explain where he got the grade from but he never showed up.

The Senate therefore concluded that he could have used the grade to get admitted into UB because at that time he used to work at the Admissions office where work was done manually.

CNA gathered that the Senate unanimously agreed that all examinations the Mayor took in the Institution are henceforth cancelled, meaning his Bachelor and Master Degrees are null and void.

It has also been revealed that the Mayor was not the only case discussed at the Senate, a student who studied in Journalism and Mass Communication falsified documents to gain admission into the department with a fake 13 points whereas she had just two E at the Advance level. All her examinations were also cancelled.

The Senate decision has been sent to the Ministry of Higher Education for validation.

This is one of the major Academic decisions taken in UB under the new Vice Chancellor Professor Horace Manga.

The Mayor has not reacted.





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