The Nkot Rain Battle

By Nfor Hanson Nchanji

Monday February 4, 2019- 10 PM Local Time(Cameroon News Agency) It’s raining Cats and Dogs in Nkot, Nwa Subdivision, Donga Mantung Division.The gods seem to have unleashed their tears as 9 Military trucks and one caterpillar entered the area after passing through Ntamruh.

The Nkot road, located between Nwa and Ndu subdivisions, is inaccessible by vehicles, reasons why a Caterpillar accompanied the trucks. Since 4 PM, the soldiers have not returned, two other trucks were dispatched to the area this evening, a resident has said.

Fingers are crossed as “General Rain” pours out it’s anger. At 10 PM, nothing has been heard , neither from the Soldiers, nor from Ambazonia fighters.

Sources say, more trucks are stationed in Ndu town waiting for an order to embark on the mission. The rains this evening have surprised everyone because the rainy season is still one or two months ahead.

With the downpour, fighting in this area could be purely reserved for those who know the topography.

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