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Opinion: Fai Yengo Cedric, Writes To Israeli Embassy In Cameroon

Fai Yengo Cedric, the Nephew of Disarmament Commission President, Fai Yengo Francis, has sent a response email to the Israeli embassy in connection with the anti-Semitic words used by Cameroon’s Minister , Jean De Dieu Momo. This email explains the relationship between Israel and Southern Cameroon, “Ambazonia” and also a plea for Israel to instruct and impose the Biya regime to immediately cease fire on Ambazonians with no pre-conditions.

Monday February 4th, 2019
Dear Israel,

We the people of Ambazonia woke up today reading your open letter condemning the anti-Semitic statements made by a member of the government of Cameroon on a television broadcast on the national channel. Well done!

We are forever indebted to you for the priceless gifts you have given to us the people of Ambazonia. Our Lord and savior Jesus Christ of Nazareth, our Bible and the countless medical and scientific discoveries in all areas of life that we benefit in Ambazonia today thanks to you. Your contribution to us and humanity is priceless. Thanks so much. We love you, please keep this up. In Ambazonia, we owe you our love, respect, collaboration, prayers and support forever.

We Ambazonians know what happened to you Jews during the Holocaust and we have no excuse for not knowing it. So we do! Six million of your grandparents were slaughtered. Most painful is the fact that one million five hundred of those slaughtered were children (your brothers and sisters) during the genocide. A Jewish baby would be thrown into the air and slaughtered into two before reaching the ground. As our parents, brothers and sisters are dying in Ambazonia today we can feel your pain. The most hurting part of this is that the soldiers that did this to your cousins and grand parents went back home during the weekends to play with their wives and kids. The most painful part of our pain in Ambazonia now is that the BIR in Cameroun was trained and is being financed by Israel. Israeal that understands this pain more than anyone else.

I am now thinking of an 8-year-old Jewish boy that was rescued by an American soldier dressed like a rabbi. He felt pity for this poor little boy and cried. In order not to hurt the boy, he decided to stop and laugh. Then he asked the boy “how old he was?”. The 8-year-old boy said, “I am older than you sir”. The boy said, “you cry like a baby and laugh like a baby, but I have not laughed nor cried for all these years”. For the last two years, young boys and girls in Ambazonia have not laughed nor cried.

So far, we have lost about 6000 of our loved ones in Ambazonia. Compared to the 6 million of of Jewish elder brothers and sisters, this is just about 0.1% of what you lost. We deeply feel your pain. Our present plight is no where near what you went through and are still going through. Please accept our heartfelt sympathy and condolences. The nation of Ambazonia will surely have a day of remembrance of their Jewish brothers and sisters and their great pain.

Even though we are very aware of your support (training and financing) of the Biya regime. We do not think that you are directly responsible for our plight. NO. We will never blame you for it. You are not our enemy. You are our family. So far there is no evidence of Jewish soldiers slaughtering our people on the ground in Ambazonia. We understand your relationship and responsibility with La Republique du Cameroun. We respect it even in our deepest pain.

In 1938 when the United States President Roosevelt convened the Evian conference to discuss one key subject on “how can the nations of the world rescue the Jews from their coming peril?”. Most of the 32 nations present in the conference including the US said they do not have space to accept our Jewish brothers and sisters as refugees. The conference failed utterly. Observers from the conference went back and told Hitler that “you can do what ever you like with the Jews, the nations of the world do not care”. President Paul Biya’s observers have gone back and told him that he can do what ever he wants with the Ambazonians, the nations do not care. UN, AU, EU, America, France, Germany, Israel, Britain etc do not care. No wonder we are being slaughtered in countless numbers daily. They are all concerned about the crisis in the English-speaking regions of Cameroon, but no one is ready to respond with action. Just like they were concerned about the coming peril to the Jews with no action. History is repeating itself in a very small scale with us.

Knowing that you understand our pain better than any nation in the world, we are pleading for more than just your concern. We plead for your IMMEDIATE ACTION. We know how powerful a nation you are. You are on the top of military might in the world. We the people of Ambazonia are now orphans with no where to go. Fighting and crying for our land. Even our Nigerian brothers abducted and refunded our leaders back to the Biya regime for torture. Please come to our aid. Instruct and impose the Biya regime to immediately cease fire on Ambazonian’s with no pre-conditions.

As human beings, the people of Ambazonia deserve a right to self-determination (unity, federation or independence). Impose an urgent stop of the war and organize a free and fair referendum for the people of Ambazonia to freely determine their future. This is will be fairness and justice. Your cousins and grandparents will forever be proud of you for this. Use you pain as pay to help us who are in need today. Stop your support to the Biya regime immediately and only continue it after handling our plight.
I am not asking for national unity, federation or separation. I am asking for PEACE and JUSTICE. FAIRNESS! The people of former British Southern Cameroon (Ambazonia) deserve this right to self-determination. PLEASE COME TO OUR AID. DO NOT REJECT US LIKE YOU WERE REJECTED.
If you decide to join the nations of the world and the systems of the world (UN, AU, EU etc) to reject us we will continue to die in thousands and even step up to hundreds of thousands in the days, months and years ahead. In the end, like the Jews we will one day stand tall in Africa and the world at large. Your strength has never been in your number nor in your superior weapons. Today you are top in weapons, military discipline and strategy, technology, economy etc.

We want to assure you that we are learning from you. As Ambazonians scattered into different parts of the world, the pressure is producing power in us. We will in the years ahead emerge as great inventors, entrepreneurs, doctors etc just like you the Jews. In fact, because of the marginalization we have faced in Ambazonia for the last 50 plus years, you can see the result in the strength of our diaspora. Amidst our present peril, we can see the beautiful great future at the end of this dark tunnel. Your testimony gives us encouragement. With or without your immediate action, we the people of Ambazonia will always sympathize with your past pain and have deep respect and love for our Jewish brothers even if they ignore us now that we need them the most.

We love you forever!
Remain blessed.
Long live the nation of Israel
On behalf of the people of Ambazonia
Cedric Yengo
President of LOTI-Cameroon

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