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Spotlight: Vitalis Manjong, The Medical Tourism, Textile And Equipment Expert In Turkey

Vitalis Manjong, is a Cameroonian and Turkish government scholarship beneficiary. A former Vice President of the Cameroonian Students Association in Ankara, Turkey. He holds a BSC in International Relations from the Middle East Technical University in Ankara, Turkey and an MA International Relations from the University of Hacettepe. He has a wealth of experience in health security, health diplomacy and international political economy. He was awarded with the certificate of excellence by the Cameroonian Students Associations in Turkey for his Entrepreneurial skills and Contributions within the Cameroonian community in Turkey. Vitalis Manjong is the founder of SINEM Afrique Medical. He is married and a father of one.

CNA caught up with this amazing Cameroonian doing a marvellous job. Our interest is to know he manages to maintain a steady expertise views on medical tourism, medical textiles and medical equipment.


CNA: Good day I thank you for giving us your time, we all know how busy you are coupled with this COVID-pandemic.

Vitalis Manjong: My Pleasure

CNA: We have just read a brief biography of you and your love to upgrade the technical platforms in hospitals. You are known in the medical tourism field and many others, how did this dream begin?

Vitalis Manjong: First, we were appalled by the numbers of failed operations and poor treatments given to patients with life-threatening diseases in Africa. We saw patients with cancer unable to have chemotherapy. We saw people’s leg amputated due to the lack of a qualified orthopaedic Surgeon. We also realised there was a lack of Vitro fertilisation technology for women who couldn’t conceive a child through the normal process. In fact, we realized there was the need to provide medical services to patients leaving in countries with weaker health system. Medical tourism is still new in Cameroon, we have stepped in to provide chemotherapy, liver and kidney transplant, cardiovascular surgery, orthopaedic surgery, cataract treatment and more to Cameroonians and Africans looking for affordable and better treatments abroad. To conclude Our company, SIENM Afrique Medical has been successful in Africa because we bring state of the art hospitals to the doorstep of the African patients.

CNA: Interesting! Tell us more about medical tourism. What is Medical Tourism?

Vitalis Manjong: Medical Tourism is the globalization phenomenon where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental, and/or surgical care that cannot be provided in their home country. Medical travellers often engage in medical tourism to save money, but this does not mean they are sacrificing quality for savings. Medical tourists typically receive equal or greater care than they would have in their own country. SINEM Afrique Medical has made travelling abroad for treatment very easy. We work with the best hospitals in Turkey to come out with the best and the safest treatment plan.

CNA: You are also into medical textiles and medical equipments, what are the differences and how do they work?

Vitalis Manjong: While doing medical tourism, our goal is also to upgrade the hospitals, local health units and pharmacies in Africa with modern equipments. We are providing them with diagnostic equipments, medical electronics, medical disposables, medical beds and dental units. We are also providing equipments to African patients who can manage their health at home or independently. These equipments are, blood pressure monitor, blood glucose monitor, first aid kits, thermometer, stethoscope and orthopaedic products. On medical textiles, we are providing scrubs, white coats and laboratory wear use by health care providers.

CNA: Why do you have a special interest in Africa?

Vitalis Manjong: The health industry in Africa is worth 35 billion dollars. More than half of this industry is controlled by expatriates. SINEM Afrique Medical being an African medical company is better equipped to redefine the health industry in Africa. It is our wish to see African medical Entrepreneurs at the forefront of the health industry in Africa.

CNA: How can you describe the technical medical platforms in Cameroon hospitals, what are they lacking and what can be done to ameliorate the condition?

Vitalis Manjong: Its quite unfortunate that more than 60 years after our independence, we can’t boast of a state-of-the-art hospital in Cameroon. We can’t boast of a good oncology unit with the rise of breast cancer and cancer of the uterus. Our theatres are still under-equipped. The health sector in Cameroon has to invest in modern diagnostic equipments, medical beds and medical disposables to meet up with the health needs in the country.

Vitalis Manjong and Wife

CNA: Have you carried out such endeavours before or made attempts to solve the situation your own way?

Vitalis Manjong: SINEM Afrique Medical has provided oxygen concentrator, orthopaedic products and medical Disposables to many catholic hospitals and health centres in Cameroon. We are also present in Guinea and Nigeria. We have also worked with Cameroonian, Nigerian Guinean and Gambian doctors to rapidly evacuate patients abroad who are in critical conditions. We have also work on humanitarian projects to provide sanitary pads to IDPs in Cameroon.

CNA: It was a pleasure to have you answer our question through electronic media. As you know the COVID-19 has brought in new ways of working, we hope to work some other time and good luck in your endeavours.

Vitalis Manjong: Thanks! I guess l responded well!


Mobile: +90 507 728 59 82



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