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Lawyers Condemn Death Of Chained Anglophone Detainee

The Defense Counsel for Anglophone detainees in Yaounde has said prison authorities must present the man behind the chaining of an Anglophone detainee, Rev. Tangem , on a hospital bed as the Monk gave up the ghost on Wednesday morning.

Arrested in 2017, Mile 16, Buea, tortured and imprisoned in a bunker for over two years without trial, Rev. TANGEM Thomas has died in Yaounde, while still in chains.

The Monk who was at the Mbengwi Monastry was arrested over two years ago after someone pretended to be a customer, called him to stand by the road but military showed up in their Van and took him to Yaounde.

Pictures of him in chains at the Military hospital in Yaounde exposed a man dying in chains and pains without trial.

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