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Soldiers, Police Extort Civilians In Operation Bamenda Clean

This could be called “Operation Dry Bamenda Pockets” Since Tuesday September 7, 2020, many denizens have told CNA that government forces carrying out Operation “Bamenda Clean” extorted money from them.

One said he paid FCFA 2000 for not having receipt of a gas bottle he bought, while another paid FCFA 1000 for a television.

In other households, government forces allegedly collected FCFA 5000 and above. Before Operation Bamenda Clean ends, Pockets of Soldiers and Policemen will be ‘ smiling’ with ‘oversized mouths.’

Security officials have said the operation targets Ambazonia fighters who have been in a one-week “power-for-power” over who controls Bamenda.

There has been anger since a Police Inspector popularly called ‘Petit Bikolo’ was killed in Bamenda.

The City’s Mayor issued a decision, prohibiting the circulation of motorbikes in some key towns, pushing them to work only in the periphery. This has pushed the Ambazonia fighters to ban the circulation of vehicles in the town.

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