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Despite Opposition Threats, Paul Biya Convenes Regional Council Polls

Repeated calls from the Cameroon Rennaissance Movement for a boycott in the maiden regional polls in Cameroon, combined with calls for a revolution, did not stop head of State, Paul Biya from convening the electoral college for Cameroons first-ever Regional electrons billed for December 6, 2020.

Opposition leader, Maurice Kamto of the CRM/MRC said there will be a popular uprising on September 22, 2020 to oust Paul Biya from power. The announcement came days after he had threatened that any call for election without resolving the armed conflict in Anglophone Cameroon and the revision of the electoral code, will lead to outright revolution.

President Paul Biya on Monday September 7, decreed that all members of the electoral college will have to gather at every divisional headquarters for the election of regional representatives.

The Spokesman for Maurice Kamto, shortly after Biyas’s announcement, posted on his Facebook page, that, “Paul Biya must go come September 22”

Interior Minister Warns Against Protest

Interior Minister, Paul Atanga Nji says there will be zero tolerance for anyone who organises a public meeting without authorisation. He made the remarks shortly after President Paul Biya convened the electoral college for regional election this year. Political parties are closing in with unprecedented support for a boycott.

The Cameroon People’s Party, CPP, Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC, Social Democratic Front, SDF, MODECNA, Popular Action Party, PAP, others are boycotting the upcoming Regional Elections.

MRC Supporters’ Response To Atanga Nji

Clash of Titans Interior Minister, Atanga Nji warns that at the slightest mistake to protest without authorisation, he and supporters will be arrested. “IF YOU SHAKE A BEEHIVE, BE READY TO BE VISITED BY BEES” Atanga Nji warned. Kamto supporters responded by saying a simple “SMOKE WILL CHASE THE BEES AWAY”

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