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Senatorial Appointments: The 30 Choices of Biya

YAOUNDE,Cameroon-Thursday April 12,2018-7:00 PM Local Time(Cameroon News Agency)The President of the Republic according to the law, has appointed 30 Senators to complete the 70 elected during the March 25 polls, thus making a total of 100 members of the upper house of Parliament.The appointment Thursday April 12, has seen just few members of the previous mandate shown the door out of the Senate. Senators like Nfon VE Mukete , Sultan Mbombo Njoya and Marcel Niat Njifennji have been reappointed .

In the Northwest region, Senator Fon Teche was shown the door out while Regina Mundi and Fon Chafah have been appointed as new comers.

In the South West region,  Chief Anja Simon Onjwo, Leke Bessongo Akemfor were also appointed.

Contrary to views that Biya could appoint some SDF Senators for them to form a Parliamentary group, the Head of State ignored such a move, leaving only the ruling CPDM party with a Parliamentary group.

Complete List of 30 Senators Appointed.

Mohaman Gabdo, Moussa Sambo, Djaratou Mohamadou
Alirou Mamadou, Daouda Oumarou, Mme Hadjidjatou

Nkodo Laurent, Mpongmoni Jean Marie, Mbida Mvondo Albert


Bihina Eloundou Floribert, Abanda Metogo Valère, Abessolo Nomo Thierry Martial


Ze Nguelé Réné, Diwala Moni Hilarion, Aboui Marlyse


Aleokol Jean Marie, Voumia Rigobert, Gbwa Zacharie

Far North

Mahamat Bahar Manouf, Dakollé Daïssalla, Babaya Chefchef


Essena Mahamat, Daroue Jean Claude, Moustapha Halilou

Madiba Songue,Etame Massoma David Siegfried,Ngayap Pierre Flambeau


Essombadje Patrice, Celestin Ketchanga, Mme Ngossing epse Dikobo


Aboubakari Abdoulaye, Hayatou Aïcha Pierette, Boubakari Ousmanou


Bouba Samari Bernard, Mohamadou Bayero Fadil, Nihi Dawaye

North West

Fon Doh Ganyonga III, Fon Chafa Issac, Mme Regina Mundi


Djadje Manu Guy Dado, Atanga Charles, Aga Martin Kum


Mbombo Njoya Ibrahim, Ndjomo Kamga Honorée, Niat Njifennji Marcel


Paboutam Mariatou epse Montapon, Kamdem Didier, Ouembe Ken Samuel.


Ngally Ngoua Pierre Henri, Menye Ondo François Xavier, Bisseck Paulette

Mme Ndo Angeline, Edou Emmanuel, Oyono Robert
South West

Fon Mukete Essimi Ngo Victor, Chief Anja Simon Onjwo, Leke Bessongo Akemfor


Mambe Aniece, Monono Humphrey Ekema, Mbou Lucie

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