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Sakerettes Transglobal Alliance Donate Anti COVID-19 Material To Some Cameroonian Hospitals

The donations have come timely. The difficulties we are facing in this COVID-19 period are enormous especially not having access to Personal Preventive Equipment materials.  However, the challenges don’t end only with COVID-19. The challenges with pregnant girls who come to us without a dime to pay for their care package, Mama Cecilia, Administrator of Mt Mary Hospital.

The present condition of the crisis

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic and its extension to Cameroon has proven the world wasn’t ready for a crisis such as this. In its 9 months of existence, not a single vaccine nor medication has been made to end its spread. The only safe and available solution as at now is prevention.

Cameroon alone counts 18000 cases with 395 deaths. Meanwhile, the world’s number has skyrocketed to 20.3 million confirmed cases and counting.

Articles on news sites, social media write-ups and word-of-mouth testimonies from health personnel reveal front line caregivers to COVID-19 patients suffer from inadequate supply of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Doctor Christabel says “We don’t have adequate PPE. For example, in my hospital, I use 1 mask for 3 days meaning I have to wash and reuse what was meant to be disposable.”

What Sakerettes are doing to help the situation

The Sakerettes Transglobal Alliance, STA whose main reason for existing is reaching out, has donated a host anti-COVID-19 material to some hospitals in Cameroon. The Association which seeks to educate, empower, improve and provide humanitarian services to girls and communities made another charitable stop yesterday August 11, 2020 at the Mount Mary Hospital in Buea.

The Alliance of former students of Saker Baptist College handed Personal Preventive Equipment to the Administrator of Mount Mary Hospital, Mama Cecilia who received on behalf of all the health personnel working there.

According to one of the STA members present at the donation scene, Mme Ebob Mbi Tanyi, STA is concerned about the girl child and the alliance is out to give aid to girl children in times like this when COVID-19 is killing many.

The choice of more focus on helping young girls stems from the fact that the Alliance is made up of former students from a girl’s school who are bent on helping their own.

STA is visiting 3 hospitals in Cameroon, Mount Mary Hospital Buea, A & H Medical Foundation in Limbe and Cardinal Paul Emile LEGER National Center for the Rehabilitation of Persons with Disability (CNRPH) in Yaounde.  This is its own contribution to the fight against the Coronavirus.

They are donating the following to the 3 hospitals

  1. 1250 clinical Disposable face masks
  2. 300 face shields
  3. 6 infrared shields
  4. 360 hand washing soaps (Savon)
  5. 15 liquid hand washing soap
  6. 21 hand sanitizers
  7. 6 hand washing buckets
  8. 6 protective robes
  9. 10 litres of liquid surface disinfectants
  10. 3 surface disinfectants spraying gun.

The administrator thanked STA immensely for the conations and pleaded with other organizations to come forth as the hospital faces difficulties dealing with cases of patients and pregnant young girls who come to the hospital without money to pay for their bills.

She revealed that the hospital has treated many young girls for free since 2018 when the Anglophone crisis grew worst. Though the Doctors Without Borders organization paid some of the bills then, things have become too difficult since they stopped.

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