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CCREAD To Train 457 Youths, Adults On Tailoring, ICT And Hairdressing

According to a report published in 2015 by the World Food Programme (WFP), 40% of Cameroon’s 23.07 million people are living below the poverty line. UNICEF explains most of these are caused by unemployment, inadequate infrastructure and poor system of education.

This has caused a lot of suffering like malnutrition, extreme illnesses and death.

As of 2015, Cameroon was at the 153rd position out of the 187 countries in terms of Human Development Index. This is a clear indication that Cameroonians do not have to wait for the government to solve all these problems. Unemployment stands at 4.2% and the private sector needs to contribute to employment and economic growth too.

The same report reveals women and children make up about half of those living in rural poverty.

It is for some of these reasons coupled with a passion for environmental sustainability that the Centre for Community Regeneration and Development CCREAD has taken a commitment since 2006 to train free of charge, at least 200 youths and adults every year.

This year, it training engaging 457 youths and adults predominantly women in its four centres of Buea, Limbe, Idenau and Bangem on capacity building activities.

According to the founder and Executive Director of CREAD, Hilary Ewang, CCREAD’s vocational training program aims at exposing marginalized children, youths, women and indigenous Cameroon population to empowerment and self-realization opportunities.

To conclude this year’s training rite, an orientation session to officially welcome and orientate some 185 youths and adults on CCREAD’s vocational training was organized on Friday, August 7, 2020 at the Head office in Buea Cameroon.

Tailoring, Hairdressing and ICT are the three departments under the CCREAD vocational training programming that welcome these trainees. The choice of these skills is obvious. Women and children can easily learn these and make a living out of them. The skill-sets have been tested and have been proven to be beneficial trainees. Mr Hilary has confirmed seed capital has been given to trainees who have graduated from these programs and they have their businesses running.

One of the trainees at the tailoring department, Limunga Regina has expressed her gratitude to the organization for accepting to train her for free. She says the skills will aid her in opening a shop that will sustain her family.

Some training activities undertaken by CCREAD.

  1. Leadership and Peacebuilding training for women and youths.
  2. Fighting corruption and promotion of good governance.
  3. Community Organization and poverty alleviation through group initiatives.
  4. Training women and indigenous groups on project planning, fundraising and networking.
  5. Ride for nature program
  6. Fostering the rights of women and girls program.
  7. Direct assistance to schools and children in marginalized
    communities program.
  8. Working to end high mortality rate in Cameroon.

CCREAD’s works gave been recognized worldwide. Reason why it was awarded the UNESCO-Japan prize on Education. The lone Cameroonian NGO that has received this prize.

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