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Residents Along National Number 6 Road Now Eat, Drink And Breath Dust

Dust in the morning, dust in the afternoon and dust in the evening, dust is the new daily meal of inhabitants along the national number 6 stretch linking the west and northwest regions of the country especially when vehicles pass by.

Residents along this stretch keep hoping their dreams of seeing a tarred road as was the case more than 15 years ago will one day be realised.

This as the national road has no difference with a farm to market or secondary road. The reconstruction of the Babadjou-Matazen 17km stretch was handed to Sogea Satom some years back but nothing has changed so far. Some months back in the rainy season when the muddy nature of the road led to numerous roadblocks, the personnel went on leave giving assurances that work will fully resume in the dry season, a promise not yet fulfilled. Now in the dry season, the rhythm of work seems to be the same as no major change has been made. The passage of any vehicle has as dust has become top story

What has worsened things on this road is the fact that the company in charge of its reconstruction according to terms of agreement is supposed to water every area it has touched in this process of reconstruction every day, so as to reduce the amount of dust inhaled by residents but that has not been the case. They make sometimes weeks before watering cars are spotted doing the job and where they want.

A risky situation as a second wave of covid19 announces itself across the national territory.

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