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Latsuet, The New Dwelling Site Of Gouache Landslide Survivors

The Gouache landslide occurred more than a year ago due to continuous heavy rains. According to initial estimates, 13 homes were completely submerged by the moving earth, burying all but one resident.

Survivors of Ngouache landslide who were recently relocated to a new site at Latsuet neighbourhood in Bamougoum, Bafoussam 3 subdivision have on Tuesday December 15, received 1000 bags of cement as construction equipment gift from the governor of the West region of, Awa Fonka Augustin.

A total of 11 Disaster victims received 17 bags of cement each while evicted people received 5 bags each.

This was during a ceremony at the entrance of the Bamougoum palace led by the governor alongside other dignitaries like the senior Divisional Officer for MIFI Chaibou, the divisional officer for Bafoussam 3, the mayor of Bafoussam 3.

The governor during this ceremony took time to thank partners who have shown solidarity gestures to victims of the tragic landslide incident, especially with the announcement by a partner to create a health centre in the nearest future at the new site as a continuation of the gestures.

Tenefok Victor, one of the victims who lost his wife and four children on October 29, 2019 during this incident told CNA that he still has difficulties forgetting the tragic incident and that he continues to put everything in God’s hands in prayers as he restarts life from zero.

The official figures of the Bafoussam landslide were as follows;
– 42 deaths
– 6 adult males
– 10 adult women
– 4 pregnant women
– 11 boys
– 15 girls
– 36 formally identified bodies

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