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Paul Biya’s Campaign Team, Provoke Anglophones With Intentional Language Errors

English speaking Cameroonians are yet to dilute a poorly translated campaign poster of incumbent, Paul Biya, when another version hits the social media landscape. In the first one, the campaign poster, read, “The Force of Experience” but opinions are that , the right words to use are, “The Strength or Power of Experience.”

Another poorly translated word has emerged, “Gagner is Nothing”, in French, “Gagner C’est Rien” .

The right word could be ” Victory is Simple, Easy” .

It is now clear that they are doing these things with all senses, very intentional to create buzz, but it’s negative buzz.

This is abusing one’s language, an insult to Anglophones, playing with our language, our culture, using it for comedy.

The Biya team, know he is very unpopular in the English speaking regions, they are trying to attract the uninterested Anglophones into the elections.

However they are doing so by destroying the language of 8 million people.

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