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Opinion: Dr Nick Ngwanyam’s Response To Critic of Peace Movement

In response to a letter written by Amba Emmanuel Angiri to Dr Nick Ngwanyam, Secretary of the newly created movement to restore peace in the restive regions, criticizing the move to create another body when many others have failed, the latter has said “You can laugh at me and names and try to beat my ego as best as you can it would not change.”

I will try to say just a few words in reply. I have no capacity to answer all the questions he has asked. Also I cannot justify everything I am doing except to say that at some point you do certain things because of the faith you have and your believe in God.

I know people have been laughing at me and making fun of my God and my faith and my Bible ‘nonsense ‘ and have told me Odeshi is the way.

I cannot quarrel with them about their faith.

I can only do what the Lord tells me to do and as for the outcome it is my hope an prayer that is shall be well with Cameroon and that Peace shall return one way or the other.

I wish I had the magic wand.

I do not. I am just a mortal being like most of us but I know sometimes we treat others as if we are immortals and that is where the shoe pinches.

I will send out this letter as it is. Ambe’s long and well researched paper is just here below my response.

He has taken time, pains and a lot of emotions to write it and I will sincerely encourage all of us to read it carefully with passion.

Just look at what he says and meditate over the issues raised.

Some are true. Some are half truths. And you might want to argue with some points because of your political leanings.

You might want to argue because you are benefiting from the chaos or not.

None of us can be indifferent to his concerns, I know my reputation is on the line.

As long as I put it on the line to seek for a way out and stop the stupid killings that is ok with me.

I did not put it on the line for bread. That will be totally wrong and against my very reason for being alife.

Each time someone is killed or hurt I realise it could have been me and I do not take it lightly.

As a doctor my duty is to reduce suffering and preserve lives even of the unborn. If I am making a mistake by standing up to do what is right just and good, I will continue until I drop dead.

Now Listen;
It is said that the voice of the people is the voice of God. This is only true if the voice of the people is aligned to the will of God.

I do only what ties with the will of God. I care about eternity and where I shall go when I DIE. That is the most important thing for me.

Would I qualify for heaven? Can I take Ambe along with me? Can I participate in growing that on earth? That is what I live for and would die for.

I cannot answer for any mayor, minister or President. Their sins are not my sins. But I cannot profess what is a public sin to be TRUTH for that would be hurting the spirit in me. Again I am a sinner and only try to do the best God being my helper.

If HE is not with me then I am lost and would be judged and condemned for generations to come.

But as long as my conscience is clear I will keep on this difficult journey until we all reach the light at the end of the tunnel.

Before I started I knew it will be tough but we keep on taking the baby steps daily as the Lord leads us.

In closing I will say I have no wisdom and power to do it on my own. I trust in the power of he that lives in me. He is Love, life, truth, soul,spirit, infinite intelligence and principle.

He is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. His name is I AM. He is all I have. He us my anchor.I know only one thing or two to be true.

That one day I will die and there is life after death and I must choose where I will go. Secondly that I have a Loving Father called I AM.

Do not ask me what EKEMA or who ever did. That is not my cup of tea. Ask them. You can also write an open letter to the head of state and any minister of your choice.I am not responsible for their thoughts and actions

Nail me to the cross for mine and I will answer you. There can be No Peace without Justice Love and mutual Respect. There can be No justice without Truth.

Let the Ambas and the army keep their guns if tge choose but they should stop shooting and killing each other and the helpless population caught between the giants.

That is what the Peace MOVEMENT is all about. We are not here to bring solutions to the Anglophone problem. We have no mandate nor what it takes to do that.

We hope that the Tumi conference shall come and the DIALOGUE recommended by everybody shall take place and that lasting solutions to our pain will be reached.

If by thinking this way and acting the way I have done is a sin against the people then I ask for your forgiveness.

However, I must do My Father’s Will. That is the most important thing to me.You can laugh at me and names and try to beat my ego as best as you can it would not change.

I will continue to pray. If it is Not God’s will he will reveal it to me and I will tell you the way forward if he shows it.For now that is the only thing I have in hand.

Thanks. I wish all of us a blessed Lenten and Easter Season.
God bless you. Peace be with you.

Dr Nick Ngwanyam, MD
WhatsApp 237 67776 4674

Thought Provoking Letter written By Ambe Emmanuel

I learnt with anger and frustration about the creation of yet another Commission that is geared towards providing a solution to the Anglophone problem, the APC (stands for the Anglophone Peace Commission).

I would like to ask Dr NICK NGWANYAM what makes him believe he will succeed where other failed and what ROAD MAP he has up his sleeves that gives him the illusion that he will bring lasting peace to Ambazonia when the War is ongoing.

Dr NGWANYAM should bear in mind that this problem is far bigger than him and his dignity and his reputation are on the line here. He should not forget that posterity will judge his actions in years to come, at a time when he will not be alive to defend himself.

Posterity is a very partial judge because the actor under judgment will never be alive to defend themselves or to explain their actions.
Posterity never forgives and history never forgets.

I begin to ask myself whether the people in power are actually serious about providing a solution to this problem or they are simply trying to divert attention as usual, manipulating Local and International opinion over the fact that they actually want to solve the problem when in essence they are not.

Diverting attention has involved reducing the Anglophone problem to microdots. This is the case because the people in power do not want to solve the problem. Their only desire is to crush the microdots so that things can return to business as usual.

Atanga Nji will tell you that there is no Anglophone problem, then the next day he tells you that Government has provided solutions to most of the problems that he claimed never existed.

Nalova Lyonga will tell you that the Anglophone problem was legitimate and the Government had provided solutions to most of the lawyers and teachers claims. One of the solutions to these claims involved repealing the statutes that created the GCE Board thereby leading to its assimilation and the other solution involves a Civil and Commercial Code that is currently being deliberated upon at Parliament that under minds common law practices.

Shortly after, LRC resorted to unending lies, manipulation, deceit, insults and stigmatization, believing that by doing all these, the problem will be solved, we all know the results this far.

LRC reduced the Anglophone problem to the Resumption of Schools. Ministers of education fought tooth and nail to ensure that schools resume, believing that when schools resume, things will return to normal, without solving the core problem.

Later on, the Anglophone problem was reduced to the GHOST TOWNS. Political actors like NDUMU VINCENT, EKEMA PATRICK, NTOO NDONG, OKALIA BILAI and others fought tooth and nail against the ghost towns, believing that when shops finally open, thing will return to normal, three years on this has failed in spite of all threats to suspend salaries of civil servants, the breaking of shops by EKEMA PATRICK, the sealing of shops BY EKEMA PATRICK and others.

Shortly after, the Anglophone problem was reduced to public manifestations; hiring hoodlums from across the MUNGO and MATAZEM to manifest in Amba during public feasts, (11TH FEBRUARY, 8TH MARCH, 24TH MARCH, 20TH MAY and other dates), forcing civil servants to match in lieu of students, using prisoners and students from military schools to match, believing that when these happen, the problem will be solved. Where are we today?

Where are the thousands of people that Ekema and Okalia Bilai brought from Douala at night fall to do the 11th February display at Buea council? We expect to see these same people on Mondays, to show how much the people detest the ghost towns and to show how popular LRC policies are in Amba. Touché, the reverse is true.

Later on LRC started abducting people and whisking them off to unknown destinations in violation of all the laws of the land, believing that these abductions, intimidation and military brutality will subjugate the people to LRC. Over 1,500 people are still being detained in several locations without formal charge or trial. These atrocities have not solved the problem.

Later on, the Anglophone problem was reduced to bilingualism so the BILINGUALISM COMMISSION was created to solve the problem, which it did, reason why Medals were distributed to commission members for a job well done, and a packages worth 700 million xaf was allocated to its 15 members for luxury car purchases.

Later on LRC resorted to killings though the declaration of war, believing that killing people will solve the problem, thousands have been killed but the problem persists. Even the scorched earth policy has not provided the desired results. LRC believes that by burning villages and by inflicting untold pain on the masses, the people will be forced to surrender. That still hasnt worked.

By not wanting to solve the problem, lrc has resorted to brutal military force, to kill the militant wing of the Anglophones (the Ambazonians) believing that by doing this, the moderate Anglophones wont be able to defend themselves, then the obnoxious Decentralization policy will be imposed on them.

Is DECENTRALIZATION the Anglophone problem and is it what the Anglophones are fighting for?

Did LRC use military force to move from a Federate State to a Unitary State in 1972?

Why is LRC using military force to move from a Unitary State to a Decentralized State?

Why does someone use a Military solution for a Political problem?

There must be something wrong somewhere.

MUSONGE tells the people he wants Decentralization for the SW as he mentioned previously, that the majority of the SW wants Decentralization. Of cause the SW being the land of ETERNAL PUPPETS can readily align with the Oppressor. As we already know, Biya is speeding up Decentralization with the allocation of 100 million xaf per Council, believing that it will solve the Anglophone problem.

While contemplating suicide I ask myself if these people take us for fools or why these people continue to mock us and spit on our faces.

Let’s take a small village like the MOLYKO district in Buea or even NTABUCHE in Bamenda. Say we wanted to lay down transport and distribution pipes that will ferry pipe borne water to homes. UB alone has a population of over 20,000 students. We can consider these students as part of the resident population because they spend 9/12 months in Buea and the inflow of students per year is growing. Anyone should tell me if 100 million xaf can provide just pipe borne water to either of these villages, considering;

The cost of conduit pipes and relevant plumbing material,

Excavation costs (a caterpillar is hired at minimum 150,000 frs/hour),


Labour costs,


Transportation costs and others

Let someone tell me if this isnt a big joke, a joke in a bad taste. You can apply the same argument for any village in a single Municipality and come up with your results. The Government rate for the construction of two class rooms is 24 million xaf, taxes included, without equipping these classes.

Whats the cost of building 1 Healthy Centre?

What’s the cost of equipping a theatre in a Health Centre?

What’s the cost of an electric line, then the cost of a single pole? `

Whats the cost of an electric transformer?

Whats the cost of tarring a single kilometer of road?

How many thousand years will it take to bring lasting development to Ambazonia?

Its such a shame that 60 years after Independence we are still talking about basic necessities like pipe borne water and electricity even in major towns.

When MANCHO BBC asked for water and electricity he was charged with terrorism and he is serving 15 years jail time.

The Minister of Decentralization who hasnt served a year in office procured a personal vehicle for 100 million.

Chantal Biya procured a vehicle worth 150 million for her son.

An ex Minister of State (MEBE Ngoo) is worth 200 billion in net assets with more than 3 billion in liquid cash stashed in his house. Then you take 100 million xaf and give to a Council worth 200,000 people.

What a joke!

Why does anyone expect something good from LRC?

Why does anyone imagines that the umpteenth Commission (APC) will solve the problem when the war is ongoing?
Once again, we must question the unilateralism with which these Commissions are created in the same way we question the unilateralism with which the so called Declaration of War against Ambazonia was made.

This paints a vivid picture of the system of governance that obtains in banana dictatorial republics like the one we have here, where the despots word is taken for law and where the mandate of the people is flushed down the sewer and the despot lords his power over State Institutions to the utter dismay of the masses. In such republics, Institutions of state are nothing but a mere formality and they are at the beck and call of the powers that be.

Institutions of State are used to brandish to the world that there is democracy and the Rule of Law when in actual fact; these institutions only serve the whims and caprices of the despot.

This brings to evidence the relevance of Councils, Committees and Commissions in a failed polity that we have here.

A DECENTRALIZATION COMMITTEE has existed for some 20 years, with the PM being the head of that committee. I’m sure we all know the results on the field over time.

The ECONOMIC AND SOCIAL COUNCIL has existed since 1984 with its head being AYANG LUC. This council has 18 members with a huge budget of over 1.5 Billion xaf a year. For 35 years, even God who is omniscient doesn’t know the role of that Council.

At a certain point, this council existed only on paper; it never even had an office. Till date, more than 80% of citizens dont know about its existence nor know its role nor can they recognize its members by face. According to the 1996 Constitution, this Council has a consultative role and reports its findings to BIYA-god who either implements them or not. That aside, not even a press release, a publication or even a conference has ever been organized buy this Council.

Then we have the BILLINGULAISM COMMISSION with 15 members and a running budget of 700 million xaf per annum, an investment budget of 700 million xaf. It was created in relation with the Anglophone crisis. It has been very successful so far.

Then we have the CNDDR that is headed by FAI YENGO FRANCIS. It was created in relation to the current crisis. We are talking about disarmament when the war is ongoing, putting the cart before the horse.

This Commission has been very dramatic. Its modus operandi involves using loud speakers to beckon Amba fighters in the bush to surrender to LRC or be killed. Thats how we saw the SDO of NDIAN with his entourage beckoning Amba fighters by loud speaker to leave the bushes and surrender to the authorities, where they will later be rehabilitated in the decaying structures of BORSTAL INSTITUTE BUEA and later be integrated into the society.

The Ndian show was very successful as am Amba fighter surrendered to the authorities months ago, he joined the MRC some time ago and last week, the same fighter decamped from the MRC to the CPDM.

We are so good at creating comedies for world consumption to the point where we have become a reference for mock governance. Borstal institute should be full by now I’m sure.

We also have the NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR HUMAN RIGHTS lead by CHEMUTA DIVINE BANDA which is nothing but a paper tiger. This Commission has sometimes been barred from organizing Press conferences that will expose its findings and embarrass the Banana Republic. In the wake of the Anglophone crisis, this commission has been prevented from visiting detention centers where torture and dehumanized treatment remained the order of the day. Dr. CHEMUTA could only express regrets that his hands are tied, like we heard in 1992.

Then we have CONAC that was put in place to fight against corruption and the embezzlement of state funds.

From the last corruption perception index ranking and from what obtains on the field, we can see that this commission his very successful in its dealings. Its results are glaring, reason why a minister can siphon enough money that can pay civil servants for the entire country for 3 months.

Yet another minister related to Chantal biya could build an edifice worth 28 billion xaf, even more worthy that the TAJ MAHAL or the Sultan of BRUNEIs palace. The sultan of Brunei ranked as the worlds richest man in the 1990s. Even Michael Jackson, Jay Z, Beyonce, Tiger Woods, Leonnix Lewis, 50 Cent, Serena Williams or Nadal couldnt afford such luxury. Yet a minister in a little known banana republic, a highly indebted and poor country can make away with such funds. Outstanding!

Then we have the National Agency for Financial Investigation ANIF that controls international money transactions, capital flight, money laundering and the use of funds to finance terrorism. When you send a few coins back home, GZ people have to provide all evidence, answer all kinds of questions as to their relationship with the sender, the motive of the transfer, their personal details and even their place of residence. Yet Ministers and State officials still successfully siphon billions of funds to foreign banks and to tax heavens in the Caribbean islands. The law is created to frustrate the common man while the rich and powerful get away with it.

Prior to the last Female African Cup, 13 Commissions were put in place to oversee its organization, when deadlines were not met and with mounting International pressure, a 14ths Commission with a heavy budget was put in place to oversee why the 13 previous Commissions were not doing their job. We all know the results thereof.

With the AFCON of 2019, a Commission was created, COCAN that was headed by NGOH NGOH, under the direct supervision of the Chantal Biya. The stakes involved were so high and with much money involved, the minister of Sports wasnt competent to handle affairs so Chantal Biya had step in .A colossal 3,000 billion was put in place for CAN projects. All projects were done by mutual agreement and the cost of materials was inflated above 10 times the market price.

When the bomb exploded in November 2018, Chantal Biya said it was a slip in date, glissement and she swore that projects will be completed by March 2019. This is March ending and the last time we checked, workers had demonstrated for over a week for unpaid dues.

Chantal’s response was swift and brutal as usual, mad dogs were unleashed to brutalize striking workers, adding pain to their injury. As we speak, all work is grounded and the stadia are incomplete. The Italians even threatened to abandon the projects and return as per media reports. PRIME POTOMAC has since then been at loggerheads with Chantal Biya government.

Later on, vigilante groups with a huge budget were created to comb the land and fish out all Amba soldiers who were disturbing the peace. Local Councils were ordered to support these vigilantes financially in addition to what LRC had sent. Local administrative authorities shared the booty and organized a public show on TV. Since then, no one talks about them anymore.

OKALIA BILAI created his own Commission that will do roll calls in all administrative offices every Monday. As earlier mentioned, LRC has now reduced the Anglophone problem to Civil Servants, believing that if Civil Servants are bullied to be at work on Mondays; the Anglophone problem will be solved. Better still, if civil servants salaries are suspended, the Anglophone problem will be solved.

Okalia Bilai tells you there is peace, yet he moves with armored cars and full body armor all the time. His house and office are guarded 24/7 whether he is there or not, yet he expects civil servants to go out there and risk their likes for LRC government. After all even if they die as soldiers are dying, these are not their family so they will simply recruit new ones out of the desperate masses.

Biya also created a COMMON LAW BENCH under the JUDICIAL BENCH and he appointed the first Anglophone as the head of that Bench, a certain EPULI MATHIAS who was proposed by MOSONGE. Those in GZ should tell us what this Bench has achieved so far. The last time I checked online, I saw something on CRTV Press Hour in that regard. Since then where are the achievements of this Bench?
Why are our leaders, Ayuk Julius and co in the Military Court?

Musonge will always choose the puppets, those who are ready to toe the line, the malleable, those who can be pounded into any shape and size to suit the whims and caprices of the puppet master in Etoudi. We all know that it was Ayah Paul who made publications online at the start of the crisis about reforming the Supreme Court so that common law considerations should be put in place. #Ayah Paul even went as far as mentioning that an Anglophone couldnt get justice following the current dispositions of the Supreme Court. Being a radical that Ayah is, he couldnt be dealt with so a surrogate was solicited who can be manipulated to suit any form.

LRC is very good at that. Being unable to deal with the substance, LRC creates its surrogates, those it can manipulate to suit its selfish agenda, as opposed to the agenda of the general public.

LRC couldnt deal with the Consortium that was lead by AGBOR BALLA, FONTEM NEBA, TASSANG WILFRED and others so the Consortium was banned and LRC created its own CONSORTIUM OF TEACHERS AND PARENTS that it could manipulate to foster its vile agenda. Thats how respected men of God were dragged to Court like common criminals.

LRC couldnt deal with the true Opposition so it created the impostor opposition that is lead by FRU NDI, JOSHUA OSIH, GARGA HAMAN ANDJI, ADAMOU NDAM NJOYA. It uses this opposition to brandish to the world that LRC is democratic. Thats why KAMTO is in jail today, charged with terrorism and rebellion, while FRU NDI, JOSHUA OSIH and others are free men. Dictatorial regimes create their own opposition and only want to deal with that opposition. Any other opposition is quashed.

I give a hint; Prior to the KAMTO white match of January 27, JOSHUA OSIH and MICHEL NITCHEU organized their own fake match, they were whisked off to an unknown destination by the Police and they were later released. The next day, Joshua Osih was on television talking trash and the people hailed him, Joshua Osih spits fire.

Kamto organized his own match and the death sentence hangs on his head now. Some of his activists have already been sentenced. Oh, how gullible a people can be!

NINTCHEU organized the February 2008 demonstration that lead to the death of more than 200 people. Was he ever arrested or charged?

LRC couldnt deal with the Amba soldiers so it created surrogate Amba soldiers who went about molesting people, kidnapping people and causing all the headaches around the place.

LRC couldnt deal with Transparency International during the last Presidential Elections so ATANGA NJI created his own Transparency International that would endorse the Massive Electoral Fraud of the millennium. Farmers, hunters and a few hungry-looking tourists with tattered dresses were paid billions to pose for International Election Observers. By such means, 100,000 people voted Chantal Biya in elections that never took place.

LRC cant deal with the Free Press, reason why journalists are being intimidated and arrested, Newspapers and Media houses are being suspended while its own Press, CRTV, VISION 4, INFO MATIN, ESSINGAN, ANECDOTE are used to spread LRC propaganda, Thats how #MIMI MEFO and #PRINCE NFOR HANSEN NCHANGI had to run for their lives or be assassinated by LRC. Those who stayed like #MICHWEL BIEM TONG and others had to be detained because they refused to toe the government line.

LRC couldnt deal with the church TUMI, WOUKING, BENOIT BALLA so clergy men who stuck their heads against the regime were intimidated, arrested or killed while the immoral, BEFE ATEBA, JEAN ZOA, JEAN MBARGA and co could be used to mastermind the obnoxious policies of the dictator.

TUMI and other clergy men came up with a forum that could bring lasting peace to the crisis but Tumi was sidelined. Tumi cannot be dealt with, so LRC comes up with its own forum that it can manipulate to suit its caprices. Thats how the APC (Anglophone peace commission) was formed because Chantal Biya does not want to solve the problem.

Everything that is being done here is to delay things while the killing is ongoing, so that while all Ambazonians are killed, the moderate Anglophones won’t be able to rise against the government and they will be subdued to accept Decentralization and business will continue as usual. Biyas surrogates have mentioned time and again that THE FORM OF STATE IS NON NEGOTIABLE, reason why they have stepped up the Decentralization Process and the people should either accept it or be killed.

Dr. NICK NGWANYAM should not for once imagine that he has the necessary acumen to solve this problem and bring lasting peace to the land. He shouldnt imagine that he will succeed where others failed. He is just another pun in the hands of the Chantal Biya. This problem is far bigger than his ego.

Chantal Biya knows that the masses have rejected her, rejected LRC and its obnoxious policies so in order to avoid the shame of being humiliated; she keeps sending surrogates to the front to bear her shame while she stays in the dark.

Time will tell.


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