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New CAMTEL GM Performs ‘Miracles’ In 100 Days


The new General manager of Cameroon Telecommunication, CAMTEL, Judith Yah Sunday Espe Achidi Achu, has recorded unprecedented success within her first 100 days. She has been able to restore discipline and meritocracy in appointment, paving way for a conducive working environment. / CNA News.

Appointed on Friday December 14, 2018 by a Presidential decree, Judith Yah Sunday has successfully implemented the rationalization project; making sure that every franc spent in the company is accounted for, reducing over billing and ensuring that money allocated for a project should serve it purpose and nothing else.

She has also been able to optimize cash flow by generating more revenue and spending less. This has helped to tackle internal debts, retirement dues among others.

Since her arrival with the Anglo-Saxon spirit, discipline has been restored. There has been the restoration of meritocracy in appointments; giving the competent the pride of place for the growth of the company. This has made the work environment livable as workers interact with conviviality.

Her decision to sack some indiscipline workers and others with fake certificates was highly welcome.
Few days after her appointment, she ordered for an internal audit at the Cameroon Telecommunication to take stock before taking over. This has been regarded as an aspect of rigor, integrity and moralization.

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