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Kinaad, The Business Broker Is Born

Hello media influencer, 

Warm greetings from this other side of quarantine.

Thank you for the great work you are doing in your part to participate in nation-building. 
I am happy to announce the release of our project. A project that will solve a big problem in our professional service industry. I hope you find the idea interesting to share to your audience.

I am happy to announce the made in Cameroon professional service brokerage market place. Kinaad is a platform that connects service providers in Cameroon with service seekers all over the world in a very simple and friendly way. 

The platform has been created under the high necessity of having a locally made freelance platform that will not only mirror foreign sites like Fivre, Upwork, guru, etc. but add a Cameroonian touch to its solutions and marketing strategy. 

Kinaad is therefore not just a freelance or business listing app but a broker in the professional service industry online and offline. 

For now, we are releasing the web version of the app while testing the already built mobile version to be released soon. 

For over a year we have been collecting data and building networks with reliable professional service providers all over Cameroon. 

Kinaad is therefore acting as an auto-pilot system for requests I and my team can no longer handle manually. 

The vision is to make Kinaad a well known professional service brokerage firm in Cameroon that will be able to provide an answer to the least question anyone in the world will be asking online about Cameroon in the domain of professional services whether big or small.

Using the platform is simple and free. If you have a service to offer just create your account on the app by becoming a member and posting a service. You can post many services as long as you finish creating your account. 
Then if you don’t want to offer a service but wish to order for a service, just put in your request on the search bar and choose a service provider as proposed by our platform. 

If  you don’t find what you want or need a verified service provider from us directly, you can simply click on the live chat assistant on the app or send us a request by mail

For more information about this project kindly read the intriguing press release here

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