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Kamto’s Hype, An AbdulKarim View

Abdulkarim Ali.

Any Southern Cameroonian fronting for Kamto or making his affairs a business of Southern Cameroonians is either ignorant or simply confused. Confusing a revolution with a Liberation Struggle is devastating and bewildering. Again, we should always stop and define the words we use.

Personally, I will argue that Kamto and his types are catastrophic to the essence of our very being. This man is worse than the Bulu Junta. He has shown beyond the shadows of doubt that he is a colonialist and not simply an assimilator. Kamto is on record to have made the following assertions and declarations:-

  1. Being a teacher of the law, he dishonestly refers to Southern Cameroonians as secessionists on equinoxes TV in 2018. And goes further to say he will never have anything to do with us.
  2. In boasting about the obvious role he played in the Bakassi peninsula case (a Southern Cameroons property) between LRC and Nigeria, he fails to propagate the Green Tree Agreement of June 12, 2006- wherein LRC and Nigeria were ordered to withdraw to their boundaries as at respective independence. LRC obtained independence from France on January 1, 1960, with internationally recognized boundaries. Can Kamto tell his militants where the boundary pillars are?
  3. Early in 2020, Kamto rudely denied audience to Southern Cameroons children who applied to exchange views with him in Canada. A discourteous, cheeky, arrogant, colonialist and French styled treatment. He made it crystal clear that he won’t talk to any Southern Cameroonian but he will engage anglophones (traitors, federalists, special statuses and unionists) aka enablers.
  4. Kamto cast aspersions on us all- to the extent that our leaders in jail went against themselves sequel to that.

Kamto may engage his countrymen and women in whatever revolution he/they desire. We ain’t on the same page. Like federalists, special statuses, traitors and unionists, Kamto and co fight for privileges and status. They fight for class and fame. We fight for our very EXISTENCE and SURVIVAL.

I will conclude that, Biya, on the one hand, admitted we are a different and separate people from French Cameroonians in at least 2 different occasions- the latest being in Paris in 2019. Implicitly, Biya is better than Kamto a thousandfold.

To my comrades, stay focus and mind your business. Kamto cares less about you and thinks you are their subjects. You water down your respect internationally when you confuse between a revolution and your struggle. Keep your eyes on your destination and work hard on the way. There is no cocktail of struggles. Decide which is it that you want;
bread or key.

UntilFreedom we reason together.

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