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Interior Minister Bans Purchase Of Machetes, Iron Rods In NWSW Region, Except Authorised

Territorial Administration Minister has banned the sale of Machetes and Iron Rods in the North West and South-West regions, except by authorisation. Paul Atanga Nji writes to the two Governors, instructing them to ensure that no Iron Rods and Machetes are bought from shops without the buyer giving concrete reasons for the purchase.

Before purchasing Iron Rods used for building, the buyer must have a building project ongoing and the construction must be legal. Meanwhile, before buying a machete, you must own a farm and or give concrete reasons for doing so.

The Divisional Officer will only grant this after application. Your name, address, phone number and other details will be taken down before the purchase. The MINAT boss says that recent attacks and bomb explosions are clear indications that Ambazonia fighters are making use of local weapons like cutting Iron Rods for bullets and using in IED explosives.

Paul Atanga Nji while serving as Minister of Special Duties in 2016 had the time to solve the crisis but he vehemently said there was no Anglophone crisis. Today he is banning the purchase of Cutlasses and Iron Rods-will Razor Blades be next?

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