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Editorial: A Billion Biyas Plus Unity For A Single Emergence, Cannot Help Cameroon

Unity in Diversity highly amplified and pronounced under Biya’s Government but beneath lies hatred, tribalism, nepotism, bribery, corruption and injustice. I think that sometimes we must confront realities and say it as it appears. Cameroon is a big mess, there is absolutely nothing a billion Biyas can do to rescue the disgusting situation, talk less of attaining emergence. However, things might turn around for Cameroonians if Paul Biya and his associates change their mind-sets.

The theme for 2019 celebration of the National Day is out. “UNITY IN DIVERSITY, A MAJOR ASSET OF THE CAMEROONIAN PEOPLE IN THEIR DETRERMINED MOVE TOWARDS EMERGENCE”.  That got my attention, but I have limited my write up to “UNITY” and “EMERGENCE”.

Those who sing praises to the current regime can have the rest of the words in the theme above. I’m not sure if Biya uses these words or maybe his messengers just frame them for him in order to save his face from the disgrace and disappointments rocking his 37 years in power.  No amounts of “unities” and “emergences” we use in themes, titles and bill boards will make Biya realize his EMERGENCE plans for Cameroon.

More than ever before, Cameroon has not only succeeded to become a lawless country, but it has also become one of the most insecure nations in the world, successfully graduating to become one of the few dangerous places to live on Planet Earth. A nation that has frustrated its citizens in all spheres. Which EMERGENCE are we talking here?

The breakdown of law and order in virtually all parts of Cameroon, especially in the Anglophone Regions that have contributed a lot to the economy of Cameroon with its natural and human endowments in previous decades. Anglophones are being killed per hour and it is so disgusting that Biya and co do not see any reason to talk about it, probably they are ashamed of their mess, and they do not have anything to explain to anybody because they simply don’t care.

Several families have been rendered homeless as a result of a senseless war, just because we cannot sit on one table to address our differences. NOW this is UNITY.

It is rather unfortunate that the president has not sympathized with the bereaved families in the North West and South West Regions like he will quickly send condolence messages to his counterparts who lose their citizens through unlike incidents. Is this really UNITY?

There is no kid that can be brought up successfully under an atmosphere of fear, intimidation and downright commotion. It is inevitable that this is the EMERGENCE this regime is nursing. Clearly the reverse of what the Biya administration tells its people. If Biya could travel round Cameroon and speak to Cameroonians regularly during his re-elections campaign, this might have changed. There is so much bitterness in the land.

People roast like animals on daily bases, houses set ablaze and abductions, that our journalists are even afraid to talk about. And surely Biya’s government just wants us to close our eyes and pretend nothing is happening and all is well. This is UNITY and EMERGENCE.

Nepotism is the order of the day, yet Biya and his gang still console Cameroonians with UNITY and EMERGENCE. Corruption is the pass code to engaging in public affairs. Embezzlement is something not to talk of. A single individual will keep money that can serve as an annual regional budget to him (God help Cameroon). Hate speech preached on daily basis by people who are supposed to pave the way towards UNITY and Emergence. The patriotic ones are those who condone to the above and those who question it are tagged unpatriotic and enemies (of course we know what it means to become an “enemy” to this regime). Indeed, we need EMERGENCE.

I don’t even want to go deep into these things that I have highlighted above because I know a born and breed Cameroonian will quickly identify with me. What I know with conviction is that if we do not choose to make concrete efforts to address our problems with truth, the problems will continue to stand on our way towards achieving UNITY and EMERGENCE. Is there any hope for Cameroon?

Suivre mon regards!

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