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Death Of Wazizi: Cameroon Reacts After Pressure, What Does It Tell You About French Ambassador’s Visit to Unity Palace

Two events have kept Cameroonians doubting whether it is usually pressure from France that sends Etoudi Palace trembling or just a father advising his son to be careful else they all fall in the valley? On April 16, 2020, President Paul Biya received in audience at the Unity Palace, French Ambassador, Christophe Guilhou, and a few days later, the government released a report on the Ngarbuh massacre admitting that soldiers carried out the attack. On Friday, May 5, 2020 the same day Ambassador Guilhou visited the Unity Palace, Government announces the death of Journalist, Samuel Abuwe alias Wazizi whose whereabouts was not known for 10 months. Does one still need a magician to relate these events with the visits?

After the short stay, Ambassador Guilhou told the State media that he was saddened by the passing away of the Buea based Pidgin newscaster under government custody and revealed that Paul Biya promised to investigate the case.

“The President told me that he will direct investigations to clear the conditions and have full details of what happened to Samuel Wazizi, so I encourage him to make all the light on this tragedy, it shouldn’t happen.” Ambassador Guilhou told the press.

Picture: PRC

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