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Africa’s Real Problem

If you carefully study the World Order, how International Relations were formed and evolved from the slave trade through colonialism to present day, you will understand that only voices of reason can save, free and liberate Africa from the shackles of the West.

The masses are prone to the manipulation of the “culture elite” through the media. The instrumentation of information and mass-communication platforms reveal hidden agendas that devour audiences. It derails from the real causes of the issues to serve the purpose of lobbyists and master narratives.

Have you noticed that throughout history any JUST cause championed for the African race, irrespective of the geographical location almost always fails? Any time the people, from an Ethical utilitarian perspective, raise their voices and vent their frustrations, there are always a select few, the Marfloy’s, meddlesome speakers, whose interference or contribution to the debate is aimed at derailing public attention and deflecting public opinion? This is the function of the deeply rooted institutionalized and systemic mafia that seeks to always control power. They overemphasize minute details and surface facts as a way to water down the efforts of those doing something to advocate for black people. Though the International arena evolves out of contradictions, constructive criticisms are what those lobbyists and mafias lack. Their modus operandi is usually made up of the following strategies:

  1. Dissuade the people. Through this, they recall similar societal issues that were or are not given equal attention as the one at hand.
  2. Finger pointing. They carefully highlight and focus on the bad guys who collaborate with the mafia, and infiltrate the JUST cause. Their mission is to sabotage its worth with bad lines and actions that downgrade the cause.

These same people who don’t know how and when to push their narratives always sideline the facts that play the contrary to their politically motivated agendas.

These persons that I call “#HouseNegros,” are in all domains of the social construct. From privilege Africans, African leaders and the ignorant African youth who has refused to learn but always seeing something wrong with the people standing up for the right cause, but feel comfortable with the wrong of the system.

To identify them, you need to realize that “Well said can NEVER EVER sound better than well done” (Binla, 2017). Ask them these questions;

  1. Did you champion the narrative you are raising now and no one supported you?
  2. How does standing up for this cause stop you from standing up for a similar cause?
  3. Why can’t you wait and make a point when the impact will be greatest? At least, is that not the essence of effective communication?
  4. Are you sure people have not done and are still doing something in regards to your outbursts? How is it their fault that the media did not give similar attention to what you claim has been ignored?

Most often than not they will talk back loud fluent and eloquent, forgetting that “Loud doesn’t mean right” (Tina, 2020).

Blacks in America, Europe, Asia, and Africa, if you like kill yourselves to foster the political agendas of western politicians. The fact remains they have never and still do not give a rat’s sh*t about your race. Their INTEREST is white supremacy. In complicity with the house negros like you and African leaders we are still here and the situation doesn’t look like it will change anytime soon. If we don’t heed the voice of reason, we will perish.

These same house negros sold their brothers to slavery, stood against colonialism resistance and the fight for independence, mocked and killed civil liberty activists like Malcom X, MLK Jr, Sankara, Ghadafi, Mandela, Ouandie, Lapiro etc. These are the same persons quoting these true Patriots of humanity in write ups and speeches for their political propaganda. (This is the world order for us).

By Binla Lambert
International Relations and Business Innovation Expert

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