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COVID-19 Ceasefire: The Big Four React

On July 3, 2020 Ambazonia leader in jail, Sisiku Julius Ayuktabe revealed that 9 of them were taken out of the Principal and Central prisons to have a discussion with a government envoy. While he said the details are being discussed, he maintained that restoring the independence of ‘homeland’ is paramount. The President of the Interim Government, Dr Samuel Sako, said negotiation for a ceasefire will not be done with detainees and must be internationally supervised and on a neutral ground. On his part, Dr Ayaba Cho Lucas, leader of the Ambazonia Governing Council, cautioned that the meeting in Yaoundé on July 2 with the leaders in jail was a charade, adding that there are no ongoing talks between the Government of Cameroon and ‘Ambazonia’.

The call for COVID-19 ceasefire had already received a response from the African People Liberation Movement and Southern Cameroons Defense Force of Dr Ebenezer Akwanga, who declared a unilateral ceasefire for humanitarian reasons. The BIG FOUR seem not to come to a compromise on what will be the way forward for them to speak in one voice.

After meeting with representatives from the Government, the leader of the Nera 10 who ‘restored the independence of former British territory’ Sisiku Julius Ayuktabe said, “July 2, 2020, we met with a Team from LRC govt, on the possibility of a Ceasefire following the UN’s call. The details are being discussed & we will update Ambazonians once some progress is made. Be reassured we remain committed to the restoration of the Independence of homeland.”

A letter from the Interim Government faction of Sisiku indicated that they clearly stated conditions for any talks on a ceasefire to begin.

The Ambazonia Governing Council after meeting in a conclave declared that the meeting was null and void and had nothing to do with negotiations. They maintained that negotiation has not started. The AGOVC said it was a scheme by the government to fool the international community especially the UN security Council that things were on course.

“This deception and manipulation have gone on for 59 years and has to come to an end,” a release stated.

Dr Samuel Sako of the Interim Government maintained that no prisoner can negotiate for free men, adding that only the coalition of Ambazonians will be able to negotiate with the government “There are things I cannot say here yet but believe me when I say French Cameroon is putting her house together and all the diplomatic resources within her control to eventually meet Team Ambazonia. You will not hear this from me again, but you will see progress towards the high hills of Buea sooner than later. Only the free People of Ambazonia can call a CEASEFIRE not Prisoners of War.”

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