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Indomitable Lioness Signs Two Year Contract With MKS Olimpia Szczecin

The former striker for Louvres Minprof in Yaoundé, Christiana Mpeh Bissong, has completed a two-year deal with Polish First Division side, MKS Olimpia Szczecin on Thursday July 2, 2020. The club has officially announced on their Facebook page on Sunday July 5. Cameroon News Agency had an exclusive interview with her agent, Callistus Fonjong who revealed that though he has never met Christiana, he has been in constant communication with her since she was left out of the 2019 squad for the female world cup. Read on…

The hard trick scorer in the COSAFA competition said her non-selection and CNA’s spotlight that year, landed her a committed agent.

“I am very satisfied; I do not know how to express my feelings. Signing a professional contract is an exceptionally good start. I want to thank my agent Mr Callitus Fonjong for not letting me down, for believing in me and especially I want to thank the almighty God for giving me the strength, the patience.

It is a privilege for me to be in this club which I find it convenient and a place to be, I was treated with dignity, honesty and respect which motivated me to put more efforts in my work and focus. I am so happy that everything turned out this way.” Bisong Mpeh told CNA.

Agent Callistus Fonjong Speaks To CNA

How did you become the agent and manager of Christiana Mpeh Bissong?

I first read her sad story from your online news medium, CNA. From the same article, based on the comments of your readers and later on from research that I made, I found out how good she is as a player. After being satisfied with the information I obtained, I made up my mind that I would do everything to help her.

And what did you do exactly?

I contacted CNA and asked for her contact details. With her permission, CNA then gave me her phone number.

And then what happened? 

I called her and introduced myself. I let her know I shared her pain. I let her know what my intention was.

When was this exactly?
I spoke with her for the very first in the summer of last year when she was dropped out from the world cup squad for very questionable reasons. That was a few days after you gave me her telephone number.

Agent and Manager of Bissong Christiana Mpeh, Callistus Fonjong

What was her mood like when you contacted her?

She was sad and desperate as expected. Her moral was low at the time and she had doubts about her football career. I felt her pain and frustration. Missing out of the world’s biggest football stage for no justifiable reasons would hurt any footballer. I said to myself I would not let such a young and talented player’s career end abruptly or be destroyed by people who misuse their powers.

Did she tell you why she was dropped out of the world cup squad?

No. I did not ask her. I had read enough comments and articles online. I had already drawn my own conclusion and I did not want to discuss it with her. And my conclusion was not different from that of the public. I was focused on her future and not on her bad experiences. Sometimes your silence baffles your haters. Achieving success is the best way to revenge.

And how were you going to do that?

I asked her if she would like me to sign her and act as her agent and as her manager. She immediately agreed. That is how I became her agent and her manager. I came up with a plan and presented it to her.
As soon as we agreed on the plan, I decided to take the process to the next level. I started searching for clubs for her. I had talks with a few clubs in Europe. However, we decided to settle for MKS Olimpia because Olimpia showed more interest.

It seems it did not take long for you to get your new client a club!

There are three parties to this deal. As you might know, in this business, it actually takes three to tango; the club, the player and the agent. First, the player must be good. The agent must be extra smart, well-informed about the market, determined, trustworthy and above all, a good negotiator. It is the team that decides based on many factors. My role as an agent/manager is to look after my client’s best interests: by making sure that my client is pleased with my job (the offer).

We did not sign the contract earlier as envisaged because there were other things to agree on. When we finally agreed to sign the contract, we were welcomed by the Covid-19 pandemic. So, talks were suspended. We just resumed talks two weeks ago and on June27, 2020, the contract was signed. On the 2nd of July 2020, my client was officially presented to the club management.

You have been dealing with MKS Olimpia all this while. What do you make of them? Are there some other influences that we do not know of?

I would like to seize this opportunity to thank the management of MKS Olimpia for offering my client her first overseas experience as a professional footballer.

I would also like to thank CNA for publishing the story of the rejection of Christiana Mpeh Bissong from the Cameroon world cup squad. It was that article that prompted me to go look for Christiana. It should also be noted that the comments from the readers of that CNA article pushed me to search for and to research on Christiana. Prior to that article, I did not know of Mpeh. I had never heard of her or seen her.

Even as I am talking to you now, I have still not met with my client. We speak almost every day and this has been going on for about a year.

Are you saying the contract was signed in your absence?

Yes. I did not take part in the signing ceremony even though I participated in every second of the process from the UK.

Is there any reason why you were not present in Poland for the signing event?

I was supposed to travel to Poland. With the Covid-19 pandemic and the ongoing lockdown, I was unable to travel for the signing. I have been discussing with the team about the clauses in the contract and informing my client regularly. We had a copy of the draft contract which was later agreed upon by all the parties. I had set a conducive and comfortable situation for my client. Everything went well as planned. I just wish Christiana the best and pray that she should be injury-free.

Would it be wrong to say you have put a smile on Bissong’s face by changing a sad story to a happy end?

I think it is the other way round. Christiana has put smiles on our faces. Yes, it is a happy story but I don’t think it is the end of it. I see it as the beginning of a happy journey for my client. Her future is bright.

Let me just add something here. Even though Christiana Bissong was hurt and humiliated, she does not bear a grudge with anyone. She is a disciplined person. I am privileged and lucky to be her agent and manager at the same time.

Thank you for your time

You are welcome, I should be the one thanking you…

Her contract ends in June 2022. Sources have said that since her arrival in Poland in February this year, she has been able to capture the attention of MKS Olimpia Szczecin officials.

Louvres Minprof has not only lose a versatile, electric and technical player, but also an unmatched goal-getter who gave the club a voice in local female league.

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