Buea Regional Hospital Director Accused of Mismanagement

The atmosphere is tense at the Buea regional hospital annex with a cold war ongoing between Surgeons and the hospital’s Director, Dr Enow Orock. Surgeons are reportedly on strike and have called on the Director redress certain issues which will permit them work in a descent environment especially in the operation room.

Dr Enow Kingsley tells the Press that despite rebuttal by the Director of any strike action, there is actually a strike going on, “When they push people to the wall the people cry they come out to the media and other places to say there is nothing wrong, of course there is a strike, both of us the two Surgeons officially posted to the hospital here and two other visiting Surgeons, so there is a strike, we are not carrying out any electric surgeries except emergencies”.

Dr Enow Kingsley has also accused the Director of the hospital, Dr Enow Orock of poor management of resources, “The hospital is a mess, when you walk around you will see for yourself how filthy the environment is”.

Responding to these allegations the Director of the Buea regional hospital annex says, “First I must say that there is no strike in the regional hospital in Buea. One Dr Enow Nkongho a Neurosurgeon newly sent of this hospital sent a letter to the minister through the regional delegate and copied me and he distributed the letter to the entire hospital including cleaners, security people and even to the Press. Now in the letter he said he was pleading to be saved from the detrimental policies of the director of the regional hospital annex in Buea. Dr Enow Nkongho was not ready to adhere to carry out pre tests on patients before carrying out operation.”

The surgeons have maintained their strike action, while waiting for reply from the regional Delegate or from the minister of Public Health.

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