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Bikutsi Singer Calls For Boycott Of February 9 Elections

St Désir Atango, the Cameroonian Bikutsi singer, has decided to take the boycott road for the upcoming twin elections. In a five-minute video made in Nkometou, a city near Yaoundé; the artist expresses his disappointment with firmness and calls on Cameroonians not to go voting on February 9, 2020.

He starts out with indignation of garbage that has not been disposed of at the Nkometou market a long time ago and continues with the electoral code which he says is rigged, asking his friends not to go and vote in February 9.
“All these people you see have paid a ticket … Look next, what they are breathing! Watch how people die slowly. I told you about a trash can here at the Nkometou market… they paid to sell here! Where does this money go? And in a few days, you will vote for the same fools who prefer to kill their fellow citizens? You are going to vote for the same municipal councilors… if we are unable to empty the trash, and we prefer to burn and intoxicate the Cameroonians, what is the need going to vote? ”He asked.

Regarding the electoral code, St Désir Atango says: “I had noticed, the electoral code is rigged, there are problems with the electoral code … This means that we will have the same fools and the country will always be very bad if we continue to function the same way.”

He finally explains his position as an opposition: “I did not join the opposition, for the fine eyes of the opponents or of the opposition political parties. I am there because what is happening in the country is not good ”. Added the singer.

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