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CPDM In Alliance With Ambazonia Fighters To Beat SDF In NW Next Month- SDF Communication Officer

This allegation is from the SDF National Secretary for Communication, Denis Nkemlemo.

“The regime’s barons in the North West region are colluding with the Ambazonia fighters. They entered into an unnatural alliance to deal with the Social Democratic Front (SDF) and allow the CPDM party to make an easy tour of the region next month. The intention is to discourage the SDF and allow the CPDM to survive. ” Says the SDF national secretary for communication, Denis Nkemlemo on private television.

These words were also published by the daily newspaper Le Messager, on newsstands this January 9, 2020.

Denis Nkemlemo returns on the atrocities which the members of his party suffered in the English-speaking regions, and which would be of natures to reduce the chances of the SDF.

“In the North West region in particular … The homes of the Honorable Mbah Ndam, Mayor of Bafut Tubah, of Mayor Njong Donatus, candidate for the legislative elections in Kumbo, of the Honorable Fusi Ndamunkong, were burned. While the mayor of Bamenda 2, Awah Fidelis was kidnapped and many other ills against the SDF.”

The SDF militant said despite all these threats and violence against members of his party, the SDF will go participate in the elections. Denis Nkemlemo says that all these actions will not abdicate the SDF party in the North West, and the southwest regions.

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