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Big Babanki: IDP Fon Calls On Villagers To Rise Against Separatists

From his comfort in Yaoundé, as an Internally Displaced Fon of Kejom Ketu also called Big Babanki, Tubah subdivision in the northwest region, His Royal Highness, HRH Benjamin Vutsibueng, has sent an audio, instructing his subjects to protest the presence of Seprartist fighters in the area.

The call for resistance against separatist fighters in his village has gone viral among the sons and daughters of Kejom Ketu. The 4 minutes and 59 seconds audio sent in his vernacular, revealed that ‘elders of the village and other traditional figures were picked up by separatist fighters on Saturday, July 18, 2020, for allegedly aiding the military carry out the burning of houses and massive arrests last week in the village.’

He also refuted allegations from the separatists that he has been the architect of the discovery by government forces of many camps hosting the Ambazonia fighters, helping the military to arrest and burn homes of civilians.

HRH Benjamin Vutsibueng, frowned at the kidnappings taking place in the village and called on his subject to take their destinies into their hands.

But the call by the Fon is not being backed by a protective mechanism for villagers who live and interact directly or indirectly with the fighters.

CNA correspondent said, “A lady, popularly called “Ma Juli” who led a few women to protest against the Separatist fighters weeks back in the village was kidnapped.

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