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After Five Years, Fossoh Michael Enters The Bar

He waited impatiently for five years after the first Bar examination was launched, he wrote and passed the written part but failed the interview, then mustered courage and took on the Bar one examination for the second time and even after making it, they had to wait longer for the second phase to be launched. Fossoh Michael Nkendem, 29, a graduate from the University of Buea, represents today’s generation of young lawyers called to the Bar at the time when others are running away from the profession seeing the poor treatment reserved for lawyers who protest for respect of the Common Law system.

“It has not been easy because we have been on hold for five years. The Cameroon Bar laws prescribe that after the first bar exam, that is the Bar part one, we go in for training as pupil advocate then if you are successful you are called to the Bar as a full lawyer but we had to wait for three years instead of two years, they launched after three years then those of us who did not make it had to wait for another year but it was only re-launched after two years. So we spent five years. ” Barrister Fossoh Michael told CNA

According to the new member of the Cameroon Bar, choosing a domain and exercising an expertise role is paramount “I am happy that it has come to an end and we can set the ball rolling. Now we just probably turn into serious practice then try to get a good field to practice or pursue s masters in a particular area to be experts”.

Practicing law in the two war torn regions is risky but most Common Law lawyers prefer the regions because of the privileges which the system tried to abolish in futility.

” Practicing here is good, I will not cross over to the Francophone zone because here , we triple as Barrister at Law, a Public Notary and Solicitor, so we will practice here.”

The South West Region produced the 3rd largest number of Lawyers out of the 872 Barristers in Cameroon this 2020 as over 100 were sworn into the Bar Association over the weekend in Buea, southwest region.

The swearing-in of the Bernard Achuo Muna badge took place Friday, July 19, 2020 at the Buea Court of Appeal.

They were awarded Certificates of Oath.

Barrister Fossoh Michael Nkendem, did his primary, secondary and university education in Buea subdivision. He graduated from the University of Buea in 2012 from the Law Department.

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