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Africa Is The Father Of Civilisation But…

Civilization started in Africa, in Egypt to be precise, those days Egypt was inhabited by black Africans. Everyone knows that we invented the art of writing, medicine, constructed the pyramids and had the first schools in the world to name a few. Today, the story is different, the once-powerful black civilization is a shadow of itself as historians of other races have falsified history to make it favour them. This new narrative that puts the black African who is the original father of civilization at the bottom has been taught around the world and even in Africa.

As a result of this miseducation/misinformation, the African child has developed an inferiority complex and participates actively in the destruction of the black civilization.

Many Africans/black people participate in the destruction of the black civilization without knowing they are doing so, I decided to look at just one of the ways that we black people participate in destroying the African civilization.

Most often, those blacks in the continent of Africa are disappointed at African Americans and the Caribbeans for not showing interest in Africa or even visit the African continent but we the blacks in the continent also have same negative attitude towards our Mother Africa just like our diaspora.

The self-hate can be seen by the fact that many Africans prefer anything foreign than anything African, a classic example of this is the hatred we have for our African names. Most Africans don’t like the sound of their African names, African names like Maloba, Mukete, Lumumba, Chihombori and Onyekwere don’t sound appealing to the brainwashed African, we prefer Western or Arab names like Nelly, Kelly, Mohammed or Mustafa. Most of us don’t include our African names on our social media platforms because we are shy, this must stop, after reading this post change your social media name and include your African name, also share the post for your friends to read and be emancipated.

We the same Africans who are suffering from Identity crisis do tell others to emancipate themselves from mental slavery not knowing we are also mentally enslaved. I know that without bringing out specific examples like this, it will be difficult to emancipate the Black race as most of us don’t even know we are mentally enslaved and helping to destroy our African civilization.

I’m forced to single out a particular group of Africans who must be brought to order, they call themselves SLAY QUEENS, these young women spend all their time on social media following Foreign stars and they try as much as possible to duplicate everything they see these their social media idols doing although they don’t have the means to support this lifestyle.

The worse part is that these SLAY QUEENS are bent on naming their children after their foreign social media Idols even if they don’t know the meaning of their names, I encourage the African men to reject these names. I also exhort the African men to stop naming their children After footballers from other continents as Africa has a lot of great footballers with African names that we can copy. I don’t see Westerners or Arabs answering African names, we should not always play the fools, it’s time to wake up.

There are millions of African names with great meaning, you can give your child any African name with a positive meaning

Bovet Maloba
Bovet Maloba is a PanAfricanist
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