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Abduction of NW MINAS Delegate: Exclusive Pictures of Burnt Car


Batibo,Cameroon-Sunday February 25, 2018-1:30 PM Local Time (Cameroon News Agency)  The  burnt vehicle of the North West regional Delegate for Social Affairs, ANIMBOM Aron AKIABOM, has been discovered in a locality on Batibo subdivision, Momo division early Sunday. The SDO for Momo division, Absalom Woloa led a delegation to the site of the incident where the remains of the car were found. 

ANIMBOM Aron AKIABOM was abducted Saturday by restoration forces of Ambazonia, fighting for the independence of Southern Cameroon. This is the second case of abduction in Batibo in less than three weeks. On February 11, 2018, the Divisional Officer for Batibo, Namata Diteng was also taken by armed men and till date has not been released.


Front view of burnt car


Side View of Burnt Car


Momo SDO with Pressmen and Security Officers


Momo SDO, Absalom Woloa, looking on,surrounded by armed Security Men


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