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February 2020

The North West region has witnessed a massive exodus of locals into other Cameroonian cities. Wednesday, February 5, 2020, was a busy day in Bamenda, the chief town of the North West region, with travel agencies taking locals to their

Spates of military attacks on civilians in the North West and southwest regions have damaged the reputation of the Cameroon military. Locals have testified that whenever soldiers visit a village, they must run for their safety because they are often

Politicians, leaders of Non Governmental Organisations, former Diplomats and Civil Society actors have been selected to speak at the three days conference to take place in the United States of America from March 19-21, 2020. Among them is the former

Some Cameroonian students in China are yet to receive a reply from the Cameroon Government following a "Save Our Soul" letter written to President Paul Biya as the Coronavirus continues to kill Chinese. One Cameroonian student was at the weekend

More than 100 students have benefited from 15 Courses, trained by experts at the Seven Academy, a Silicon Valley blended First-Class IT Training Institute that trains young Cameroonians on highly paid in-demand IT skills to enable them land quality jobs

The Passport of Simon Longkana Agno alias Longue Longue has been handed over to him by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice and Keeper of the Seals, Jean De Dieu Momo in a political rally on Sunday, February